Spanish foundation says 56% of women it counsels decide not to go through with abortions


The organization “Fundacion Vida in Spain,” which provides counseling to pregnant women, said this week that more than 287 women used its services during the first trimester of the year, with 151 women, or 52.6%, deciding not to go through with an abortion.

“This year so far we have seen more than 742 women at serious risk of having an abortion, and 416 decided to accept their pregnancies, that is, 56%,” said Fundacion’s director Manuel Cruz Moreno.

“Respect for human life in Spain is very low,” he noted.  “Apparently there is respect for other peoples’ lives, and death is considered something newsworthy and regrettable. But at the same time there exists a recreational violence that has as its consequence the death of more than 100,000 human beings each year in our country through abortion, and nobody says a word,” Cruz Moreno said.

“In Spain there is also an innumerable amount of frozen human embryos estimated to be 200,000,” but that the exact figure is not known, he said.

He also denounced the spread of the morning-after pill in Spain, pointing out that more than 500,000 pills are distributed each year.  “The consequence is that we are killing those who are the weakest, who have no voice, and nobody protests against it,” he said.

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