Spanish pro-life leader says abortion still a concern in Spain

.- Speaking at the fourth International Pro-Life Congress which began on November 6, president of the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations Alicia Latorre noted that abortion is the “gravest problem that Spain is facing”  and charged, “We will nto rest until there are no abortions.”
During the Congress’s first press conference, Latorre said, “The debate on abortion is not over; it is an issue of critical importance today.”  “There is no room for reproaching or criticizing anybody because lives that have been lost cannot be regained.  Rather, positive ideas for the future that involve society in supporting pregnant women ought to be put forth.”
Attributing the slight decrease in the number of abortions in Spain in 2008 to the work of pro-life organizations, Torres added, “We will not rest until there are no abortions.”
Also at the Congress, Esperanza Puente, another prominent pro-life leader in Spain, said, “because they do not provide truthful information about abortion techniques or about alternatives to abortion, current laws and social services leave pregnant women alone and unprotected.”
Puente also explained, “Post-abortion syndrome is ignored by the majority of mothers who are suffering from it because they are not informed about its consequences in a clear manner.”

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