Spanish pro-lifers organizing march against new abortion bill

Spanish pro-lifers organizing march against new abortion bill


The Spanish Parliament is set to debate a new law on abortion that would allow mothers to end the life of their unborn children through the first trimester. In response, pro-life organizations across the country are collecting signatures and organizing a march on October 17.


Currently, Spanish law permits abortion in cases of rape, fetal abnormalities, and in cases that would compromise the health of the mother. This new law would allow abortion on demand for the first trimester. Pro-life groups expect that if the Socialist Spanish government’s “new law on abortion” is passed that it will dramatically increase the number of abortions.


In order to marshal support against the bill, pro-life organizations in Spain have created a manifesto in defense of life, women and maternity.  They are also urging Spanish citizens to march in support of life on October 17. The groups are also asking people to support the establishment of pregnancy centers to help mothers and clinics to assist women in dealing with post abortion grief.


According to organizers of the pro-life efforts, although the legislation is Spanish, past support from pro-life groups and individuals in the U.S. have made an impact on international legislation.


One such example is a vote that took place in Slovakia on a measure to inform women of the dangers of abortion, alternatives to ending the life of their child and requiring informed consent. Despite intense pressure from 19 international pro-abortion groups, the Slovak parliament passed the bill, which was then signed into law by President Ivan Gasparovic.

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