Spanish television promotes homosexual “marriage” in children’s programming

.- Last Wednesday during the children’s program “Los Lunnis,” the Spanish Television network (TVE) broadcast a segment entitled “Different Weddings,” in which children were told about different ways to get married, including homosexual “marriage.”

Each day during the program, the two main characters present a segment styled after popular news programs in an attempt to help children understand the adult world.

One of the reports, entitled “Different Weddings,” showed a Sudanese man marrying a Spanish woman, a Catalonian couple getting married according to an ancient rite, and two men getting married before a justice of the peace.

A spokesman for TVE said the decision to air the program was made because it described “a situation that sooner or later they will see because the law [on homosexual unions] is going to pass.”  He called the segment “light,” with “no aggressive promotion of homosexuality,” adding that the subject was mentioned only “in passing” and had “no negative connotation.”

The program, which is aimed at children 3 to 7 years old, ended with a moral to the story.  “You don’t have to get married to love somebody, but many couples prefer to do so.  You all have seen three different weddings with the same purpose.”

Although a law making homosexual unions equal to marriage has not yet passed, TVE has begun campaigning for the change and exposing children to the idea of homosexual unions.

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