Specialists in Spain denounce lack of care for women with unexpected pregnancies

.- During the conclusion of the international conference “Women and the Reality of Abortion,” on March 10th in the Spanish city of Caceres, dozens of specialists from Spain and other countries issued an urgent call for greater care for women who are at risk for having an abortion, especially women with unexpected pregnancies.

During the three days of the event organized by the Spanish Forum for the Family, experts discussed government policies which claim to reduce the number of abortions.  The Forum members agreed that current policies do no such thing. “Far from that,” organizers of the conference said in a press release, “each year thousands of women find themselves helpless and without support from society, which can lead them to have recourse to abortion.”

Among the presentations given during the event was that of psychiatrist Carmen Gomez Lavin, who discussed post-abortion stress syndrome and its impact on many women in Spain who have procured an abortion.

Likewise, Esperanza Puente, a Spanish woman who aborted her child twelve years ago and is today a renowned pro-life leader, shared about the drama many women suffer after having an abortion.  “Abortion,” she said, “has not made these women feel modern or progressive, but rather enslaved.”

Participants in the conference also emphasized the need for governments to put into place policies that help women in troubled pregnancies, especially teenagers and immigrants.

The Spanish Forum on the Family announced it would begin sending up a series of legislative proposals to help such women.

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