States taking a stand against abortion

States taking a stand against abortion


Pro-life politicians are steadily chipping away the effect of Roe v. Wade on state laws, announced Concerned Women of America (CWA) in a press release. The organization provided an update on the status of abortion laws across the country. 

The organization cited USA Today in reporting that Unborn Child Pain Awareness bills were introduced in 19 states last year, and legislatures in Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin have already passed them.

Wisconsin’s governor vetoed the bill, but pro-life groups are preparing to reintroduce the bill during the new legislative session, said CWA.

Similar bills have passed through the House chambers of Utah and Indiana this year and are awaiting Senate approval. These bills require physicians to inform their patients prior to an abortion that their babies may feel pain during the process. Legislators in Arizona, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma have also introduced Unborn Child Pain Awareness legislation this year.

South Dakota’s representatives introduced a bill that bans most abortions and classifies “knowingly caus[ing] or help[ing] in the termination of a pregnancy” as a felony.  CWA of South Dakota State Director Linda Schauer testified on behalf of the bill, which includes an exception for saving the life of the mother.

“This quick action by states to pass pro-life legislation that was first introduced only recently is a good sign for that day when Roe v. Wade is overturned,” said CWA president Wendy Wright. “While radical hold-outs still believe that no sympathy whatsoever must be shown to unborn babies, that they can be killed and must also experience torturous pain in the process, most Americans and most of their representatives do not agree.”

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