Struggle against violence in Mexico demands profound measures


This week the Archdiocese of Mexico City called on its citizens to make their voices heard regarding the city’s increase in violence and corruption.  Officials, the archdiocese said, must “address the root of the problem” by demanding attention to education, values and respect for others.

“What good is it to change the name of police forces if the corruption is internal? What help is a change in structure if there is no change in morality and ethics? Why increase the punishment of kidnappers and murderers if public officials and judges do not fulfill their most basic duties?” the news service questioned in a recent editorial.

The article acknowledged that federal officials and officers in the Mexican capital have expressed their concern over the increase in violence and have put forth proposals. 

However, “They do address the root of the problem and they do not appear to understand the gravity of what we are experiencing.”  The article continued, “Suggestions by different officials are mainly superficial and politically ‘cosmetic’.”  Therefore, the news service called on citizens to make their voices heard.  “They should demand greater attention to the education of children and young people in family values and responsibility, in the observance of the law and in respect for others,” the news service indicated.
The fight against violence, it stressed, “is the task of all, it is the commitment of the Church and the responsibility of the State, it is a requirement of all the media.”

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