Study reveals clergy has greatest job satisfaction


The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) of the University of Chicago has published a study on its website noting that people who carry out a work of service to others are the happiest, among which the clergy are the happiest and most satisfied of all.

According to the Spanish daily “La Razon,” the study was carried out during more than three decades (1972-2006) in the United States. The study shows that after those who exercise some kind of religious leadership, physical therapists, firefighters, educational administrators, painters, sculptors and artists, teachers and authors have the most job satisfaction.

“We expected the more prestigious jobs to be the ones that would bring the most satisfaction and happiness but the professions with the highest scores are those that entail care and help for others,” explained Tom Smith, general director of NORC.  “My work allows me to help other people and to see them progress both spiritually and personally,” said Father Mayo, one of the priests who participated in the survey.
On the other hand, lawyers, doctors, bankers, which some might consider to have the highest job satisfaction due to their large salaries, are not assured happiness. Only 58% of doctors and 52% of lawyers say they are satisfied with their professions.

The study also showed that waiters and cashiers are among those least satisfied with their jobs.

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