Study reveals that half of all pregnant teens in Spain get abortions


A study carried out by a leading research group has revealed that half of all minors in Spain who get pregnant turn to abortion as a solution.

The study was carried out by a branch of the Ministry of Education and Science and concludes that more than 50% of teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 17 end their pregnancies through abortion, with the highest rate of 60% in the region of Catalonia.

The study shows that in the region of Murcia, the number of abortions in 2001 among teens was 14 times higher than in 1990.  Regarding the total number of abortions, the study indicates an increase of 88% between 1990 and 2001, which translates into 70,000 abortions, of which almost 30,000 were performed on women younger than 25 years of age.

The provinces with the highest percentages of abortions were Baleares (20%) and Asturias (19%), with the lowest percentages in Navarra, Extremadura, the Basque Country, and Castilla La Mancha, with less than 10%.

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