Taize community marks the anniversary of their founder's death


Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the murder of Br. Roger, the founder of the ecumenical Taize community in France. He was stabbed to death during a prayer service at the age of 90.

Vatican Radio interviewed the current head of the community, Br. Alois, about the anniversary and the community’s faithfulness to their founder’s mission.

Br. Alois said that they will commemorate Br. Roger in the community during their prayers; “Tonight at the evening prayer we will remember the gift of his life and his death.”

Prior Alois sees the mission of Taize continuing by welcoming the diverse group of Christians that come to their community. “[N]ow it is important for us to welcome all of these young people here who come from different backgrounds, different churches, all of these different communities. For example, we have many young people from Orthodox countries: from Romania, from Ukrainia, from the Russian Orthodox Church, and many Catholic young people here; Protestant young people…”

Taize continues to focus on its main vehicle for bringing Christians together which is through prayer. “[T]hree times a day we come together for a common prayer, which we pay very much attention that this prayer is a prayer of adoration with listening, listening to the Word of God, moments of silence, and praising God; singing together.”

Br. Alois also said that the time for unity amongst Christians is short. “We think that these prayers prepare the heart to understand that Christ wants to bring us together and that today there is an urgency to continue on the way of reconciliation among Christians.”

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