Terri finally receives last rites and Communion, supporters to bring fight to DC


Terri Schiavo was given last rites and Easter communion after an initial opposition from her stranded  husband Michael, while supporters are bringing Terri’s fight to DC.

By previous court order, Terri Schiavo was allowed to receive communion only with the consent of her husband and guardian, Michael Schiavo.

The Schindlers  announced to the crowd one Easter victory: Terri received Communion wine after her husband finally allowed her to receive the sacrament.

The Rev. Thaddeus Malanowski held Terri’s right hand as he and hospice priest Rev. Joseph Braun placed the droplet on her tongue. Malanowski also anointed her with holy oil, offered a blessing and absolved her of sin.

"She received the blood of Christ," said Malanowski, adding he could not give her a fleck of communion bread because her tongue was too dry.

Terri’s mother, Mary Schindler, was not present at the ceremony, since intense emotions are keeping her from the hospice for the first time since Terri's feeding tube was pulled 10 days ago.  Franciscan Fr. Paul O'Donnell,  a family spokesman explained that “if she goes in there again, we might have to take her to the hospital”.

Also on Sunday,  peaceful protesters dropped roses and Easter lilies at Michael Schiavo's lawn.

His fiancée’s brother picked up the flowers and took them away, saying that Michael Schiavo was “very upset.”

At noon today, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, members of “Not Dead Yet,” and other supporters of Terri Schiavo, will urge President Bush to intervene on behalf of Terri and will hold a press conference in front of the White House.   

After the press conference, the group plans to confront House Speaker Dennis Hastert, followed by Congressman Tom DeLay, asking them to explain why they have not enforced the subpoenas issued by Congress to Terri Schiavo. 

The supporters of Terri will also urge Congress to find Florida Probate Judge George Greer in contempt for his treatment of Terri Schiavo's subpoena.

“We are Terri's voice. Right now, Terri is fighting for her life,” the Rev. Mahoney said.

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