There is no right to kill a child, Mexican leader reminds amidst abortion debate


The director of the international office of Fundacion Vida, Paulina Sada, underscored that a pregnant woman “has no right to kill another person,” in this case, her own child, because he is “a human being and not a virus.”

Amidst the legalization of abortion in Mexico and the debate that is currently taking place in the country’s Supreme Court, Sada presented a series of clear arguments to reiterate the defense of human life in the face of the threat of abortion.

Explaining that the human embryo “possesses structural and functional characteristics that make it an authentic human being distinct from the mother, Sada underscored that genetics proves that “from the moment of conception, including during the zygote phase, we have a cell completely capable of self-development, and it is even possible to determine its sex through genetic studies, since all the characteristics of the human being are inscribed in its genome.”

In Mexico City, she noted, “in addition to the 7,000 innocents, 8 women have lost their lives.”  These figures show that abortion “is not a simple, safe procedure, and the risk of death of the mother is present, just as it is if she continues with the pregnancy.”

Sada recalled that the post-abortion syndrome “can destroy a person” and even lead one to commit suicide.  She also said that the Fundacion Vida believes the issue of abortion should not even be up for debate as the Mexican constitution protects the life of the unborn. 

“We cannot give priority to a supposed hedonist freedom, to the deceitful labyrinth of the right of a woman over her own body, over the right to life, which is the source of all others.  Personal selfishness cannot be put above the life of another human being,” Sada said.

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