There is still time to avoid an abortion disaster in Mexico, pro-life leader warns


The director of the International Office of the Life Foundation, Paulina Sada, addressed a message to the members of Mexico’s Supreme Court, calling on them to avoid the consequences of an “abortion disaster” in the country.  “Your honors, there is still time to avoid the disaster of abortion in Mexico,” she said.
Sada said that in addition to the problem of population replacement levels, there are also economic problems, the loss of potential workers and consumers, and health problems, “such as post-abortion syndrome, depression, and possible complications from any kind of surgical procedure.”
She recalled that countries such as Russia, the Czech Republic, Cuba and Sweden are seeking to soften the consequences of legalized abortion.
Because of abortion, Sada said, Russia foresees that “by 2050 it will have lost one-third of its population.  Officials have already outlawed the advertising of abortion in state-media and the closing of all private abortion clinics is under consideration.”
“In the Czech Republic, where the birth rate has fallen to 1.22 children per woman, well-below what is needed for replacement, politicians have already begun implementing reforms to reduce the number of abortions.”
In Cuba, she continued, official studies show that “by 2025, 25% of the island will be 60 or older, thus provoking an unsustainable situation for the country’s economy.”
Sada warned that in Sweden, teen abortion has increased by 60%, which is impacting country’s health.  Sweden already has the highest number of people suffering from depression in the world and one of the highest suicide rates,” she said.

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