UN agents try to stop Nicaragua's vote on abortion

.- A United Nations committee on women’s rights sent a letter to Nicaraguan politicians prior to their historic vote last week which banned abortion. According to a press release issued by Concerned Women for America (CWA), the letter tried to stop Nicaragua’s banning of abortion by claiming that the “right to life” means a right to abortion.

The letter also criticizes Nicaragua’s religious leaders for being involved in their nation’s public policy debates and implies that the country must comply with UN officials.  And it blames maternal mortality on lack of access to abortion.

“Nicaraguans held a massive rally – 200,000 strong, led and filled by women – in support of an abortion ban,” said CWA president Wendy Wright. “Yet radical feminists and UN officials tried to bully Nicaraguan leaders into canceling the vote.”

“Clearly, UN agents are abusing their position to force their ideology on democratic societies, even when the women of those societies vehemently oppose it,” Wright said.
The letter, sent by the UN committee for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), misrepresents international agreements and medical facts regarding abortion, Wright added.

CWA warns the CEDAW treaty would threaten countries’ self-determination, stripping from citizens the right to decide their laws and culture.

“The UN committee’s bullying of Nicaragua proves why the U.S. should not ratify CEDAW and subject Americans to these abusive feminist ideologues,” said Wright.

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