Update: SSPX rejects “signing an agreement with Rome”


Bernard Fellay, the leader of the Society of St. Pius X, has rejected the idea of reaching an agreement with Rome and that the Motu Propio allowing broader use of the traditional Latin Mass would lead to an agreement between his group and the Holy See.

In a letter to the faithful of the SSPX, Fellay said the publication of the motu propio is “clear sign of his good will towards us,” and that therefore, “there would be nothing left for the Society to do but to ‘sign an agreement with Rome.’ Unfortunately, a few of our friends were deceived by such an illusion.”  “Basically, nothing has really changed except for the motu proprio’s liturgical Overture,” Fellay asserted.

He went on to discuss his understanding of the terms “heretic” and “schismatic” in the wake of Vatican II, saying these words “used to designate the religions closer to the Catholic Church” but have now “disappeared, except when they are occasionally employed, especially the term ‘schismatic,’ to label us.”

“The same holds true for the term ‘excommunication’,” Fellay said.  “The new approach is called ecumenism, and contrary to what everyone used to think, it does not mean a return to Catholic unity, but rather the establishment of a new kind of unity that no longer requires conversion.

Fellay went on to say, “The motu proprio that introduces the hope of a change for the better in matters liturgical is not accompanied by the logically related measures that should follow in other domains of the Church’s life.”

“We must conclude that nothing has changed in Rome’s intention to pursue the conciliar course despite forty years of crisis, despite vacant convents, abandoned rectories, and empty churches,” Fellay charged, adding that “Catholic universities persist in their divagations, and the teaching of the catechism is uncertain while Catholic schools are no longer specifically Catholic: they have become an extinct species...”

Fellay said the SSPX “definitely rejoices at the pope’s desire to reintroduce the ancient and venerable rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, yet it also observes the opposition— sometimes very tenacious—of entire bishops’ conferences. Without giving up hope and without impatience, we can see that the time for an agreement has not yet come.”

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