Urgent call for prayer as decision on abortion looms over Columbian Supreme Court

Urgent call for prayer as decision on abortion looms over Columbian Supreme Court

.- Pro-life and pro-family groups in Colombia are urging prayers for the right to life in that country after it was revealed that four of Colombia’s nine Supreme Court justices have made up their minds on the issue of abortion.

According to a report in the liberal Colombian daily “El Tiempo,” two justices have decided to vote in favor of legalizing abortion while two others have said they will maintain their pro-life positions.

According to the newspaper, of the other five justices, the Chief Justice has withheld his thoughts because of his involvement in the drafting of the new Penal Code; another says he has an “intermediate” position—which analysts say is difficult to interpret—and the positions of the other three justices remain unknown.

If the court is evenly split, an outside judge would have to cast the deciding vote, but according to “El Tiempo,” the justices are eager to avoid that outcome.

As a decision on the issue is imminent, pro-life groups are calling on all Colombians and people of good will join in prayer that the right to life will be protected in the South American country.

“Let us ask God,” pro-life leaders said, “that the State and the legislature recognize their obligation to defend human life without reserve.  Especially, the innocent lives of the unborn.”

“Let us pray that the people who today are on the Constitutional Court understand they have the responsibility to choose life, that the grace of God will enlighten them in this decision.”  The public can participate in the prayer campaign by visiting http://oracionporlavida.googlepages.com/home