US and Mexican bishops approval statement on immigration reform


The bishops’ conferences of Mexico and the US have issued a joint statement supporting immigration reform in the US that will regularize the status of 12 million illegal immigrants, after President Bush called on Republican lawmakers to support his reform efforts.

“Particular attention must be paid to legislation that would improve legalization programs and temporary worker programs and preserve the unity of the family,” the bishops said in their statement released that Thursday.

On that same day, President Bush said the time has come to take the necessary steps to legalize the 12 million undocumented immigrants and to strengthen the borders.

In their statement, the bishops also encouraged the Mexican government to carry out economic reforms that are necessary for creating new jobs. “Our two governments must collaborate to put an end to the suffering that affects migrants in our two countries,” the statement indicated.

Both bishops’ conferences said they were committed to defending the rights of migrants in both countries, saying, “We will continue fighting for them until justice is done.”

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