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US bishops: policies that deny refugees, terror victims asylum must be changed

.- The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has joined a coalition of religious groups and refugee advocates in calling on Congress to address flawed provisions in national security laws that have blocked thousands of vulnerable refugees, freedom fighters, and victims of oppressive regimes from entering the United States.

Members of the coalition proposed an effective legislative response during a press conference this morning.

The coalition argues that the Patriot Act and REAL ID Act include provisions that may deny asylum, refugee resettlement, and legal status adjustment to anyone who has provided “material support” — even under threat of death — to a terrorist organization. 

No exception is provided for victims who have been forced under extreme duress to provide a meal to warlords, pay ransom to guerillas to secure their freedom, or other coerced forms of support, the coalition said in a press release.

Furthermore, terrorist organizations are so broadly defined under the law so as to include the actions of groups who fought alongside U.S. troops in Vietnam and in Iraq, the coalition pointed out.

The coalition claims the Bush administration has failed to adequately address the issue.
 “While limited waivers for some groups have recently been issued, a piecemeal response is insufficient and still continues to deny protection to victims of terrorist organizations officially labeled a threat by the U.S. Secretary of State,” the press release said.

“Individuals and groups from across the political spectrum agree this ‘material support’ policy needs major revision so that bona fide refugees and asylum seekers are not unjustly denied protection,” said Kevin Appleby, director of the Office of Migration and Refugee Policy at the USCCB.

“National security laws should make reasonable distinctions between those who are a real danger to our country, and those innocent refugees who need our protection and can also provide benefits to our society,” he said.

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