US Catholic clergy encouraged by bishops’ liturgy decisions

US Catholic clergy encouraged by bishops’ liturgy decisions

.- North American priests and deacons, who are members of the Confraternity of the Catholic Clergy, passed a resolution at their annual convocation last week expressing their support for the recent recommendations of the U.S. bishops to more accurately and faithfully translate the mass from the Latin text into English. The clergy asked, “for a complete and consistent correction of all errors and deletions in the Roman Missal.”

“Rather than a partial repair, we, as daily celebrants of the Divine and Sacred Liturgy, see the need for a complete restoration of sacred language and precise translations, based on the axiom lex orandi, lex credendi,” the resolution reads.

“We are particularly concerned for sacrosanct vocabulary such as ‘consubstantial’ defined by the Council of Nicea in 325 … and other areas the literal Latin expresses more reverence and clarity than the current translations.”

The clergy association, which numbers nearly 700 members throughout the United States and Canada, held its 30th annual convocation in Washington, from July 10 to 14. Among the list of speakers were Senator Rick Santorum and Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Harrisburg.

However, the President of the Confraternity, Father John Trigilio said that “the zenith of the week,” was a meeting with Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, and Archbishop Donald Wuerl, newly installed Archbishop of Washington.  The meeting with the two archbishops included the praying of Vespers and a Benediction followed by dinner.  Fr. Trigilio told CNA that the archbishops spoke to the group and encouraged them to, “continue fostering ongoing spiritual, theological, pastoral, and human formation among the clergy in a spirit and climate of sacerdotal fraternity.”

The 700-member organization began in 1975 as a response to the call of the Second Vatican Council to foster associations among the ordained to support each other in service to the Church.

The CCC’s annual gathering includes a week of intellectual discussion, lectures from expert speakers, common prayer and time for fraternity. Local monthly chapter meetings are held around the country. The group also publishes a quarterly journal, SAPIENTIA.

The clergy’s other resolutions expressed their appreciation to Pope Benedict XVI for his participation at the 5th World Meeting for Families in Spain, “where he vigorously reaffirmed traditional values such as sacramental marriage and the intrinsic sanctity of family life.”

They urged all fellow clergy to encourage their people to fully support those in public office who defend the sanctity of life and marriage and to educate parents about the threats to children present on the Internet and through cell phone technology.

The clergy also expressed their deep concern for the long-term harm being done to women, who are unaware of all the consequences and effects of abortion. Finally, they renewed their filial devotion and love to the Blessed Mother, consecrating their ministry to her Immaculate Heart.

Fr. Trigilio said that due, in large part, to the presence of the Archbishops Sambi and Wuerl that this was the most memorable convocation in his 26 years of affiliation with the Confraternity.

Next year’s convocation of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy is being planned for St. Louis, Missouri.  Fr. Trigilio said that plans are being considered for a possible joint meeting in Rome in the coming years with the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

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