Website of Congregation for the Clergy celebrates 10 years

Website of Congregation for the Clergy celebrates 10 years


The website of the Congregation for the Clergy,, is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its inception in December of 1998.  In addition to serving the Catholic clergy, it also provides more than 12,000 documents on the Bible, magisterial teachings, the fathers of the Church, homilies and photos.  The site is visited by more than 80,000 people per year.

In a brief dialogue with the L’Osservatore Romano, Msgr. Lucio Adrian Ruiz, an official with the Congregation in charge of its internet services, said the Congregation has also offered material to individuals who do not have access to the internet.

 “We have produced two CD-Roms: ‘Smart-CD’ and ‘Bible-Clerus’.  The former is available in seven languages: French, English, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and German. It is a complete reproduction of the entire site containing some 12,000 documents,” Msgr. Ruiz said.

 Likewise, in the case of Bible-Clerus, “It contains the Bible, interpreted according to the magisterium of the Church by theologians and literary experts. It includes Catholic bible translations, texts of the Pope, codices and works of twenty doctors of the Church.”

 “We have made 140,000 copies of these two CDs, especially for countries where there is no access to the internet,” he said in conclusion.

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