Without God, human efforts will fail, Pope says

.- Pope Benedict reminded the faithful today during his weekly general audience that only with God’s help will humans succeed in their projects and endeavors.

“A solid society is born, certainly, due to the commitment of all of its members, but it requires the blessings and support of God,” he said from his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. “Instead, God is oftentimes even excluded from human projects and plans.”

“Whatever we do or undertake can only bear fruit if it has God’s blessing. Without the Lord, all our efforts will ultimately fail. With the Lord, we will find prosperity and happiness, our labors will bear fruit, and our lives will be secure,” he said, reflecting on Psalm 126.

The psalm, he said, “is wise and based on reflections of the reality of daily life. One must abandon oneself and his freedom to God so that one’s work may result in something solid and bear fruit. Without God, one’s work is in vain,” the pope said.

Still reflecting on the psalm, the Pope said: “The gift of children is a particular blessing from God, a source of joy and a support, especially in old age. Children are also a blessing for society, giving it a special freshness and future.”

In the Psalm, children represent security, stability and the strength of a large family.

But some societies lack energy and hope today because there aren’t many children, the Pope said, noting a declining birth rate and asking God to bless these societies with new life.

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