Women's candle business aims to 'keep noses in the Bible'

Women's candle business aims to 'keep noses in the Bible'

Women's candle business aims to 'keep noses in the Bible'

.- A new, Denver-based candle business seeks to share the richness of the Bible while helping support the local pro-life community.

“As women who enjoy giving of our time, talents and treasures, we felt a calling to inspire others, as we have been inspired, to continue the journey with the written Word,” co-owners Jewels Nutter and Shelly Saeman told CNA in a July 22 interview.

Nutter and Saeman head a unique business called Joshua Tree Candle & Soap Co., which endeavors to recapture an interest in the scriptures – among everyone from long-time Catholics to those who are new to the faith.

Saeman explained that each homemade candle depicts a Bible verse reference, with the goal of encouraging customers to look up the verses in the Bible themselves and engage in the narrative.

“Our hope is to spark in those who believe or those who want to believe a desire to learn more. A simple conversation that is sparked from what one reads because of one of our candles really can grow into a deeper relationship with Christ,” Nutter added.

“That relationship for each and every one of us is the ultimate goal.”

Both said that the inspiration for each candle arises from a variety of factors.

“Sometimes we start with a verse we really love, sometimes we start with the scent or sometimes we start with the color,” Saeman said.

“Ultimately we are looking for a candle that in color and scent embodies the verse of the Bible.”

The candle “Promised Land” from Deuteronomy 11:8-17, for example, smells of sandalwood and flowers and is color of soil which “represents the Israelites receiving the land after it was promised to them.”

The idea for the company came about with Nutter and her son last fall, when she decided she wanted to do something that would inspire others to deepen their faith. Saeman said that when she first heard of the initiative, she felt it was a beautiful idea and later asked to take part in it. In April of 2012 the Joshua Tree Candle & Soap Co. was established.

Aside from evangelization, another primary mission of the Joshua Tree business is to give back to the local community and support the pro-life cause.

As women and mothers, the two are dedicated to assisting the Lighthouse Women's Center which is located in Aurora, Colorado across the street from the second largest Planned Parenthood in the nation.

Saeman said that she was shocked to learn that there are twenty-eight babies aborted a day at that one facility.

“These babies are aborted by mother's that are terribly confused and afraid,” she said.

“Lighthouse will be there to offer these young women options and hope,” and “will be able to provide immediate life-giving choices to women in crisis – especially those who think abortion is their only option.”

The company not only gives ten percent of its proceeds to the cause but also provides customers with the option to donate through the business' website. More information can be found at: http://www.joshuatreecandleandsoapco.com.