Worry over possible lack of control of subsidized Islam classes in Spain

Worry over possible lack of control of subsidized Islam classes in Spain


The Chair of Arabic Literature at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Serafin Fanjul, is expressing his fear that the Spanish government is not taking the necessary measures to control the content of classes on Islam, after the minister of Justice announced the possibility of subsidizing Islamic classes for Muslims at public schools.

Speaking on the Cope radio network, Fanjul recalled that in France this type of funding has already occurred and has brought accusations of “reverse discrimination” in favor of Muslims.

Fanjul said he was worried not because of the subsidies for teaching Islam but rather because of “what is going to be taught in their classes, who will be the teachers and who will hire them.”  “I suspect the proper measures are not going be taken to control this,” he said.

Regarding Islamic commercials aired on State-run media, Fanjul said he didn’t think they would touch upon “the heart of the question,” which is the “ideological and organizational nature of Islam.”

He added he did not think accurate information on such issues as the treatment of women, discrimination and polygamy would be found in Islamic propaganda.

Fanjul also said this would create a situation of inequality regarding the treatment of foreigners in Muslim countries, where there is a “lack of reciprocity.”  He emphasized that the country does not have say “Amen” to every multiculturalism proposal and that it should be recalled that immigrants who have just arrived in Spain “need to adapt themselves to our legal norms and our customs.”

On the other hand, Fanjul said that “those on the left” have begun to promote and support Islam because they have adopted this religion as “the substitute in the struggle against imperialism and capitalism” and they think that it is a “liberation theology that will enable the proletariat in the world to rise up.”  

“Since the proletariat is no more, they are trying to resurrect it in immigrants or make it the counterweight in an ideological clash with Western capitalism.  It is an ignorant strategy that is not going to lead to what they are hoping,” he noted.

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