Young priest gives up drinking in solidarity with minors


A 25-year-old priest has made headlines after delivering a homily on Sunday in which he urged parents not to abuse alcohol and to model appropriate behavior to their children and teens.

Fr. Matthew Glover, associate pastor of St. Luke Parish in Barrington, told parishioners they are in denial about the problem of teenage drinking in town after a local teen died while boating with friends. Patrick Murphy, 17, was killed last week while knee-boarding in the Barrington River. Authorities say alcohol was involved.

"Our kids drink because we drink,” Fr. Glover told the assembly at Sunday Mass. “They see us getting smashed at the country club or Chiazza or wherever it is, and that's why they drink.”

“And please, and please, please, shame on us if any us allow our kids to drink at home tomorrow. If you teach them to drink at home, then you teach them to drink somewhere else," Fr. Glover said.

Fr. Glover said he plans to take his own advice and give up alcohol.

The full homily of Fr. Glover can be downloaded at

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