Yucatan becomes latest Mexican state to protect unborn in its Constitution


The Mexican State of Yucatan has passed a reform of its constitution enshrining the right to life from conception to natural death as the first and fundamental of all human rights.
The Mexican daily Milenio said an overwhelming majority of the state’s legislature voted to modify the constitution to explicitly recognizing the fundamental right to life, “without which all other individual guarantees would not exist.” 


The newspaper called it a “reform that defends the human dignity of persons, especially of women and of the boys and girls of the Yucatan yet to be born, as with the new constitutional norms there is no conflict between the rights of the mother and the rights of the unborn, nor is one above the other, but rather they both complement each other.”
Twenty four of the 25 representatives present for the vote supported the measure, which does include some exceptions for cases of rape or fetal deformation.
Yucatan now becomes the fourteenth Mexican state to pass a pro-life constitutional reform.

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