Zimbabwe -- ACN calls for prayers for the Church in Zimbabwe


The well-known pastoral charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), has requested that Catholics around the world unite in prayer for the Church in Zimbabwe as they face extreme spiritual and material challenges.

ACN has said that they share the view of bishops of Zimbabwe, who have described the campaign against the former archbishop as “outrageous”.  “Pius Ncube had raised his voice to defend the oppressed,” the charity’s spokesman added, “and the Church had been among the few to defend the poor and oppressed, and now the Church herself is being attacked in a scurrilous manner.”

The people of Zimbabwe are also struggling for food to survive.  Inflation is now over 7,500%, and according to local reports, there is no food, due to the fact that the government has been holding it back and then selling it at inflated prices.  One local observer told ACN, "if someone is hungry and has the money, then he will pay whatever price is demanded." In addition, all vehicles are checked by the police and if food is found in them, it is confiscated. The owners are able to do nothing to protest this because the courts are controlled by the government.

ACN also reports that though the Church has been striving tirelessly to help all she can, she is able to do less and less to support the people of Zimbabwe.  The Catholic Church does not have an import or transport license with which to provide materials to the people. 

For further information regarding the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, click here to view CNA’s coverage of the resignation of Archbishop Pius Ncube.

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