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Becciu didn't see this coming

Friday, September 25 2020

CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the resignation of a prominent cardinal, presumably over financial scandal; the Supreme Court vacancy and what might happen next; and, as a special bonus, Father Pius Pietrzyk, OP joins at the end for a discussion about canon law, an analysis of the Senate’s confirmation process, and a game.

The Blest Wing

Friday, September 18 2020

This week on the podcast, editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the second known instance of a priest realizing his baptism was invalid; the continued controversy over Netflix’s “Cuties”; an update on the Vatican-China deal; and much more. They also talk about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United Kingdom ten years ago; debate canon law as it relates to baptisms; and JD asks Ed some riddles.

Masks and McCarrick

Friday, September 4 2020

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon crack open the Code of Canon Law to discuss the case of a Colorado priest who told parishioners to disobey their bishop on mask wearing. They also discuss the elusive McCarrick report and the latest on relations between the Vatican and China.

"The Church Supplies"

Friday, August 28 2020

CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss baptism and the sacraments, in the context of a Detroit priest who learned this summer that he was invalidly baptized. We also hear about Ed and JD's weddings, and JD gives Ed an assessment of how he’s been doing as a CNA editor for the past two years. In addition, JD castigates Ed for not liking “Friday Night Lights,” gives a list of his favorite TV shows, and analyzes the brilliant, subversive, yet problematic “Animaniacs."

Politics, then Baseball

Monday, August 24 2020

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon talk politics and then baseball. JD tries his hand at a round of presidential candidate ‘Who Said It?’

Once a Catholic, Always a Catholic?

Friday, August 14 2020

CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss St. Maximilian Kolbe, a historic peace deal in the Middle East, evangelism, Catholic politicians, musical theater, and much more.

Let’s talk about Vatican II

Friday, August 7 2020

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon return this week to talk about recent “discussion” about the Second Vatican Council and a new ruling by the Vatican’s doctrinal office.

Vote for Carl

Friday, July 31 2020

CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent remarks about a Catholic saint; Joe Biden’s endorsement by an abortion-rights group; the latest updates on the Vatican financial scandal; and more. Also, Ed hates the book “Little Women,” apparently.

Christopher Yes or No?

Friday, July 24 2020

Will the Vatican release the McCarrick report before summer break? Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon return this week to discuss that; the takeaways of the Vatican’s new instructions on parish reform; China; and a round of Christopher ‘Yes or No’.

The hard-learned lessons of history

Thursday, July 16 2020

CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss what seems to be a rising tide of anti-Catholicism in the United States, in the context of recent arson attacks against Catholic churches and statues; the Little Sisters of the Poor Supreme Court decision; backlash to Catholic Churches receiving coronavirus relief money from the government; and more. They also discuss (with a heavy dose of canon law) an important document on sexual abuse from the Vatican; and debate open floor plans for kitchens.

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