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CNA Editor's Desk brings together the editors of Catholic News Agency for discussion and analysis of the week’s top stories.


Obscure New Testament figures; Jesuit high school appeal; Amazon synod update; Chaput turns 75; etc.

Friday, September 27 2019

On this episode of CNA Editor’s Desk, they discuss the appeal process for an Indiana high school that refused to fire a same-sex married employee; the bishops of Germany continuing to make plans to influence the Amazonian synod; and Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia turning 75 and submitting his resignation. Stick around because the editors play “Who am I in the New Testament?” and “Yes or No.”

Schism; Father James Martin; The Holy Eucharist; Obscure Bible figures, etc.

Friday, September 20 2019

On this episode, editors Ed Condon and JD Flynn are joined by Father John Paul Mary, chaplain of EWTN, who’s visiting the CNA office this week from Alabama. They discuss canon law, Archbishop Chaput’s response to Father James Martin, belief in the Real Presence, and much more. Stick around for a brand new game entitled: “Who Am I in the Bible?”

German bishops; investigations in Crookston and Buffalo; Pumpkin Spice Lattes; etc.

Friday, September 13 2019

CNA Editors Ed Condon, Michelle La Rosa, and Carl Bunderson are your hosts for a discussion of the most important news of the week. Topics include the German bishops’ attempts to influence the upcoming Amazonian synod; the first investigation of a bishop under the new Vos Estis guidelines; controversy in the Diocese of Buffalo; an update on the Pope’s visit to Africa; and more. Stick around for Ed’s very first taste of Pumpkin Spice Latte, as well as a game in which Ed quizzes Carl and Michelle on British phrases.

The Pope in Africa; JPII institute; Canon law; etc. (feat. CLERICALLY SPEAKING)

Friday, September 6 2019

Welcome to the most ambitious Catholic podcast crossover event in history. This week on CNA Editor’s Desk, JD Flynn and Ed Condon are joined by Fr. Harrison Ayre and Fr. Anthony Sciarappa of the podcast “Clerically Speaking.” They discuss Pope Francis’ visit to Africa; continued controversy at the JPII institute; and more. And both the Fathers try their hand at games of “Yes and No” and “Greater or Lesser.”

Our Lady of Argyle, Texas; controversy in Seattle; bishop transparency, etc.

Friday, August 30 2019

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon talk about the case of Our Lady of Argyle in Texas; the formal Catholic blessing of a Seattle man before his assisted suicide; and transparency among bishops. JD plays “Yes or No” and “Greater and Lesser.”

Cardinal George Pell: Who, Where, Why, and What you need to know

Friday, August 23 2019

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the recent dismissal of Cardinal George Pell’s appeal of his conviction of child sexual abuse, the history and context of the case, and the broader implications going forward.

Protestors at Mass in Portland; Monsignor Rossi investigation; Should we buy Greenland?

Friday, August 16 2019

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss and dissect the week’s news. Topics include a group of parishioners in Portland who protested an immigrant priest during Mass; the Diocese of Scranton opening an investigation into the alleged misdeeds of Monsignor Walter Rossi; Cardinal George Pell’s upcoming appeal of his sexual abuse conviction; anti-organized crime lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Buffalo; and more. At the end, Ed and JD play "Lightning Round" and talk about windmills, getting lost in Minnesota, buying Greenland, and Anticipatory Masses.

JD and Ed Take a Drive

Thursday, August 8 2019

In a scene pulled straight out of "The Muppet Movie," editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon are "moving right along" on a road trip through rural Minnesota. Join us for their discussion about canon law, philosophy, the week’s news and everything in between. This week on CNA Editor’s Desk, Ed and JD cover mass shootings, controversy at the John Paul II Institute in Rome, Benedict XVI, and…shorts at Mass.

JPII Institute; Abortion and the Democratic Primary; and Marriage by Proxy

Friday, August 2 2019

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss reactions to changes at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome, the avoidance of abortion at this week’s Democratic debates, and more. Producer Kate Veik joins for a round of ‘Yes/No’.

The moon landing, Northern Ireland, the migrant crisis, etc.

Friday, July 19 2019

This week on CNA Editor's Desk, it's editors JD Flynn, Michelle La Rosa, Ed Condon, and Carl Bunderson joined by CNA social media manager Peter Zelasko. In short, it's a party. As they do every week, CNA's editors— this time plus Peter— discuss and comment on the week's news.