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Ep. 49: We Have Only Done Our Duty

Monday, November 11 2019

Military chaplains dedicate their lives to service of the men and women in the Armed Forces. This Veteran’s Day, we look at the life of one military chaplain who could one day be named a saint. We ask what it looks like to discern a vocation to be a military chaplain.

Ep. 48: A New Queen in St. Augustine

Monday, November 4 2019

The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine will be elevated as a National Shrine next year. This week on CNA Newsroom, editor Carl Bunderson shares the story of the shrine, its recent elevation, and one woman who credits her most recent pregnancy to Our Lady of La Leche’s intercession.

CNA Newsroom: Burning Love

Monday, October 28 2019

The Catholic teaching on the “cleansing fire” of purgatory is perhaps one of the Church’s spookier beliefs. This week, we visit the world-famous “Purgatory Museum” in Rome and talk to theologians and experts about what the Church teaches about purgatory and how it applies to our lives.

Ep. 46: Borderlands

Monday, October 21 2019

The number of Central American and Mexican migrants crossing the southern border into the United States has slowed to a trickle, but in terms of helping families in need, Catholic groups at the border know there is still much to be done. This week on the podcast, we visit the US-Mexico border in El Paso and talk to bishops, priests, laypeople, non-Catholics and everyone in between about what the need is and what people of faith are doing to help. And stick around, because we also cover a side of the immigration debate not often acknowledged: what happens when undocumented immigrants feel a call to the priesthood?

Ep. 45: And You Visited Me

Monday, October 14 2019

The number of people in prison in the U.S. has grown by a factor of five since the 1970s. An estimated 5 million children have a parent in prison. This week on the podcast: stories of former inmates who found God, and men who have given over their lives to minister to inmates— the modern-day “untouchables."

Ep. 44: Let's Stick Together

Monday, October 7 2019

From 2015-2017, the divorce rate in one Florida county dropped by nearly one-third. This week on CNA Newsroom, writer Mary Farrow tells the story of how a coalition of churches helped to make that happen— and whether the rest of the country can follow suit.

Ep. 43: Newman’s Own

Monday, September 30 2019

Cardinal John Henry Newman will be canonized October 13. This week on CNA Newsroom, we talk about Newman’s life and witness; and the miracle that secured his canonization.

Ep. 42: The Loneliest Episode (Part 2)

Monday, September 23 2019

The population of Americans aged 65 and older will more than double by the year 2060. But a lot of them are lonely. In this second part of our two-part series on loneliness, we look at why seniors are lonely and how we can help.

Ep. 41: Our 9/11 Episode

Monday, September 16 2019

Retired Colonel Anita Raines and Fr. Kevin Madigan of New York share their experience of September 11, 2001.

Ep. 40: The Loneliest Episode (Part 1)

Monday, September 9 2019

A July report by YouGov suggested millennials are the loneliest generation, with higher rates of loneliness than both Generation X and Baby Boomers. We talk with two millennials about loneliness and explore why millennials are so lonely - and how the Church can respond.