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Ep. 81: The Disappearing People

Monday, September 21 2020

Now more than ever, Christianity is at risk of disappearing from the Middle East. This week on CNA Newsroom, we bring you the stories of Middle Eastern Christians who are peacefully standing their ground to protect their homeland, their people, and their faith. This is the second in a three-episode series on Christian persecution.

Ep. 80: After the Blast

Monday, September 14 2020

In early August, something happened in Lebanon that no one expected— a massive explosion destroyed many of the city’s predominantly Christian neighborhoods. Lebanon is known as a place where Christians and Muslims live together in relative peace. What will happen next? Later in the show, Rome Correspondent Hannah Brockhaus brings us the story of St. Charbel— a saint many believe can serve as a peaceful link between Christians and Muslims. This is the first in a three-episode series on the worldwide persecution of Christians.

Ep. 79: Back to (home)school

Monday, August 31 2020

The return to school looks a little different this fall. We talk with some Catholic schools about how they’re approaching in-person and distance education. Then, homeschooling veterans discuss what new homeschoolers can expect.

Ep. 78: All Creatures Great and Small

Monday, August 24 2020

Ever wonder if you’ll see your pet in heaven? We bring the question to two theologians. St. Philip Neri is remembered for founding oratories, but he also loved animals and had a few pets of his own. Two priests share how their furry companions have helped them in their vocations.

Ep. 77: Cheers to Summer Break!

Thursday, July 2 2020

CNA Newsroom is going on summer vacation! We’ll be back in six weeks. But before we go, share a six-pack with us. Six segments - all about the 4th of July. This episode originally aired in July 2019.

Ep. 76: Discovering God’s Plan

Monday, June 29 2020

The story of Jim McNulty, a Catholic who was held hostage in 2010 at the Discovery Network Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Jim developed post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident. He founded a Catholic PTSD support group for other victims of trauma.

Ep. 75: Atom and Eve

Monday, June 22 2020

Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH talks about the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine, and his Christian faith. Does the Catholic Church oppose science? A chemist shares her conversion story.

Ep. 74: 'We Shall Overcome'

Monday, June 15 2020

Hear the inspiring stories of Sr. Thea Bowman and Fr. Augustus Tolton.

Ep. 73: “I can’t breathe”

Monday, June 8 2020

Black Catholics react to the death of George Floyd, give advice for how Catholics can respond in faith and hope, and talk about their own experience being Black in America.

Ep. 72: Paradigm Shift

Monday, June 1 2020

Hear the stories of people whose lives took a dramatic and unexpected turn from what they were before— and often became better than those people could ever have imagined.

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