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BONUS: California’s confession bill; Vincent Lambert; Carl plays “Either/or”

Friday, July 12 2019

Editors Ed Condon and Carl Bunderson discuss California’s confession bill, the death of Vincent Lambert, the chilling case of a UK judge nearly forcing a woman to undergo a late-term abortion, and more. Carl plays a game of either/or.

CNA Newsroom: "Bless me Father for I have sinned"

Thursday, July 11 2019

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about the sacrament of Confession. We’ll tell the story of St. John Vianney, whose devotion to this sacrament brought thousands of people back to the Church in the 19th century— and whose incorrupt heart recently completed a 7,500 mile journey around the United States. We’ll answer some common questions and misconceptions about confession. And we’ll detail a California bill, which was withdrawn this week, but would have required priests to violate the seal of confession.

Ep. 31: A July 4th Six-Pack

Wednesday, July 3 2019

Six segments - all about the 4th of July. You'll hear about the Italian blessed whose feast day falls on July 4, the Catholic who signed the Declaration of Independence, liturgical guidelines for Independence Day, a Catholic who has been out of the country the past several years for the Fourth of July, a historic basilica in Virginia, and a very special sixth segment.

BONUS: Married priests; forced abortion ruling; Venerable Sheen; Michelle plays “Yes or No”

Friday, June 28 2019

CNA editors Michelle La Rosa, Carl Bunderson, and Ed Condon discuss and debate the week’s news, including the Amazon synod; abortion access for transgender people; a forced abortion ruling in the UK that was overturned; the arrival of Venerable Fulton Sheen's remains in Peoria; and much more. Plus, this week Michelle is in the hot seat as she takes her turn playing “Yes or No.”

Ep. 30: A Stigmata in Michigan

Thursday, June 27 2019

The story of Michigan grandfather Irving “Francis” Houle. Irving received the stigmata— the wounds of Christ on the cross— and he could one day be officially recognized as a saint in the Catholic Church. This is a story of intense pain, but also miraculous healing - for Irving and for others. For more information about the Irving C. “Francis” Houle Association, email Deacon Terry Saunders at tjsaunders1955[at] or send a letter to 709 1st Ave South Escanaba, MI 49829.

BONUS: A Catholic school's identity revoked; looking back one year since McCarrick revelations; etc.

Friday, June 21 2019

Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the week’s most compelling news stories, including recent developments on the McCarrick scandal (one year after the news of McCarrick’s misconduct first broke), and a Jesuit school in Indiana that can no longer call itself “Catholic” after defying the authority of the bishop. Then later, JD takes a page out of Carl’s book and plays a little game of “Yes or No,” and Ed plays “Say Something Nice."

Ep. 29: Lord God of Hosts

Friday, June 21 2019

Why can’t celiacs use gluten-free hosts? Can germs spread by sharing the cup at Mass? And where does the bread used at Mass come from, anyway? This week, in honor of the feast of Corpus Christi, we asked the questions you never thought to ask about the Eucharist...and found the answers.

Ep. 28: Bishops in Baltimore

Monday, June 17 2019

Archbishop Jose Gomez and Bishop Robert Deeley talk about the US bishops’ meeting in Baltimore last week. Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon analyze the meeting.

BONUS: ‘High/Low + Yes/No’

Friday, June 7 2019

Bishop Thomas Paprocki says no Holy Communion for pro-abortion Illinois lawmakers, the findings against Bishop Michael Bransfield, Cardinal George Pell’s appeal. Join editors JD Flynn, Ed Condon and Carl Bunderson for ‘High/Low’ and ‘Yes/No’.

Ep. 27: 'Every time I feel the Spirit'

Thursday, June 6 2019

Cardinal Raymond Burke and seminary professor Ralph Martin talk about the Holy Spirit and how it is at work in the world - and the Church - today. We explore a Pentecost tradition at St. John Cantius Parish in downtown Chicago.

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