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Ep. 89: Taking Back the Year

Monday, January 11 2021

Catholics share the small and big blessings they experienced in 2020. Father Harrison Ayre of the podcast Clerically Speaking shares about his new book “Finding Christ in the Crisis”, and the personal spiritual renewal behind it. Catholic writer Leah Libresco describes how she maintained a sense of community despite coronavirus restrictions. Then, the head of a Catholic theater company talks about how the pandemic inspired him to bring back the tradition of radio plays.

Ep. 88: The Merriest Little Christmases

Monday, December 21 2020

Christmas celebrated in prison, the South Pole, and even space!

Ep. 87: Candles Amid the Rubble

Monday, December 7 2020

Catholic author Kendra Tierney shares how her family celebrates the Advent season at home - and how you can celebrate at home too. We’ll share the story of Father Alfred Delp, a German Jesuit who clung to the hope of Advent despite his imprisonment - and execution - by the Nazis during World War II. We’ll talk about the Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols - and even hear some beautiful music by the choir at Wyoming Catholic College.

Ep. 86: It's Still Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23 2020

This week we revisit an episode that first aired during Nov. 2019, and offer some pandemic-related updates. EWTN’s Father Mitch Pacwa talks about his annual Thanksgiving hunting trip; we tell the amazing stories of two Native American Catholics; a Catholic couple donates thousands of turkeys for the holidays; and much more.

Ep. 85: How I Built This for God

Monday, November 9 2020

Catholic entrepreneurs talk about how they took their award-winning ideas from an inkling in their mind to a full-blown reality.

Ep. 84: More Than Words

Monday, October 26 2020

The deaf Catholic community in the US is eager for the faith. In this episode, we take a look at some of the latest resources available to them, and a deaf Catholic priest shares his vocation story. This episode is available in American Sign Language (ASL):

Ep. 83: Adventures in Discernment

Monday, October 12 2020

This week, we bring you the story of two brothers ordained to the priesthood on the same day; a young woman talks about God’s call to enter a religious life— and His call for her to leave a few years later; and a life and dating coach helping single, Catholic women who feel stuck.

Ep. 82: Nigeria’s Forgotten Martyrs

Monday, September 28 2020

The persecution of Christians is by no means confined to the Middle East. In Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, to be a Christian means to suffer regular threats of violence, kidnapping, torture, and even death. In this episode, we bring you the voices of Nigerian Catholics who want the world to know— and to care— about the brutal persecution they face every day. This is the last in a three-episode series on Christian persecution.

Ep. 81: The Disappearing People

Monday, September 21 2020

Now more than ever, Christianity is at risk of disappearing from the Middle East. This week on CNA Newsroom, we bring you the stories of Middle Eastern Christians who are peacefully standing their ground to protect their homeland, their people, and their faith. This is the second in a three-episode series on Christian persecution.

Ep. 80: After the Blast

Monday, September 14 2020

In early August, something happened in Lebanon that no one expected— a massive explosion destroyed many of the city’s predominantly Christian neighborhoods. Lebanon is known as a place where Christians and Muslims live together in relative peace. What will happen next? Later in the show, Rome Correspondent Hannah Brockhaus brings us the story of St. Charbel— a saint many believe can serve as a peaceful link between Christians and Muslims. This is the first in a three-episode series on the worldwide persecution of Christians.

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