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Ep. 63: Listen at Your Leisure

Monday, March 30 2020

We talk with several Catholics about leisure — what it is, and why it matters.

Ep. 62 ½ : Coronavirus Comes to America

Tuesday, March 24 2020

We ask how priests in the US are navigating Mass cancellations; a homeless shelter in Washington continues its life-saving ministry to the poor; the coronavirus’ impact on 12-step recovery programs; and the time Mary protected a St. Louis school from a cholera epidemic.

Ep. 62: Italy in the time of coronavirus

Monday, March 23 2020

We look to Italy for the first of a two-part series on the impact of the coronavirus. CNA’s Rome correspondents Hannah Brockhaus and Courtney Mares share personal essays of their experience living under lockdown in Rome. A former member of the Swiss Guard tells us about how his elderly parents are faring in the Italian city of Bergamo— one of the hardest hit cities in Italy.

Ep. 61: The Church and disabled Catholics (Part 2)

Monday, March 16 2020

Regina Marie has severe autism. Her dad, Jeff, talks about her diagnosis and their Catholic faith. An expert talks best practices for sacramental prep for children with disabilities.

Ep. 60: The Church and disabled Catholics (Part 1)

Monday, March 9 2020

Fr. Matthew Schneider talks about his diagnosis of autism. We ask how the Catholic Church can better serve Catholics with autism and take a look into sensory-friendly Masses in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Ep. 59: Where’s the beef

Monday, March 2 2020

Benedictine nuns who run a cattle ranch in Northern Colorado; Vegetarianism and the pro-life ethic; D.C. correspondents Matt Hadro and Christine Rousselle taste-test Burger King's Impossible Whopper. D.C. correspondent Christine Rousselle is our guest host.

Ep. 58: Saints of the Swamp

Monday, February 24 2020

The Diocese of Lafayette has officially opened the causes for canonization of two Louisiana Catholics; and recognized a third candidate for canonization. Senior Features Writer Mary Farrow is our guest host.

Ep. 57: Abortion regret — and redemption

Monday, January 13 2020

Patricia Sandoval was 12 years-old when an instructor from Planned Parenthood taught her and her classmates about “safe” sex. After three abortions and a job at Planned Parenthood, Patricia says she has found healing and redemption through Christ.

Ep. 56: 20- Cabernet + Myrrh + Baptism- 20

Monday, January 6 2020

Epiphany is more than just the the three kings visiting the child Jesus. It also celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River and Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana. This week, we talk with a Trappist monk who helps young monks create incense; we learn about conditional baptisms from a priest who once performed one; and a Catholic retiree who now helps run a winery near Fort Worth, Texas.

Ep. 55: And After 8 Days. . .

Monday, December 30 2019

For centuries, Catholics celebrated the Circumcision of the Lord on January 1. That practice ended in 1960. But, what was the significance of Jesus' circumcision, and of circumcision in general? We talk to priests, theologians and an art historian to find these answers. Then, we talk with a journalist who went on a years-long quest to find what some believe to be the Church's most unusual relic: the foreskin of Jesus.