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Ep. 73: “I can’t breathe”

Monday, June 8 2020

Black Catholics react to the death of George Floyd, give advice for how Catholics can respond in faith and hope, and talk about their own experience being Black in America.

Ep. 72: Paradigm Shift

Monday, June 1 2020

Hear the stories of people whose lives took a dramatic and unexpected turn from what they were before— and often became better than those people could ever have imagined.

Ep. 71: More than just recycling

Tuesday, May 26 2020

It has been 5 years since Pope Francis published his encyclical, Laudato si’. A lot of people still think about it as the pope’s encyclical about recycling, air conditioning, or global warming. Pope Francis does write about those things, but his encyclical includes much, much more.

Ep. 70: JPII, who were you?

Monday, May 18 2020

On May 18, 1920, in a town southwest of Krakow, Poland, Karol Jozef Wojtyla was born. Biographer George Weigel and a former Swiss Guard detail the legacy of this great pope. An Italian mountaineer talks about the years he spent skiing and hiking with St. John Paul II. Then, the story of the time an Iowa farmer invited the pope to visit his state — and the pope did!

Ep. 69: Pilgrims’ (Perilous) Progress

Monday, May 11 2020

We share three stories of pilgrimages with unexpected outcomes. A group travels to the Holy Land as the coronavirus reaches pandemic levels; a proposal gone wrong on the Camino de Santiago; and a life-changing accident on a pro-life pilgrimage across the United States.

Ep. 68: Saintly Superheroes

Monday, May 4 2020

Nearly four decades ago, Marvel produced several religious-themed comic books, including a comic about the life of Pope St. John Paul II. On this episode of the podcast, we criss-cross the globe to bring you the story of how— and why— one of the world’s biggest comic book companies decided to bring the stories of three beloved saints to the world.

Ep. 67: City of Angels

Monday, April 27 2020

Did angels carry the house of Our Lady from Nazareth to Italy? Why is the second largest city in the United States named after the angels? Find those answers and more on this week's episode of CNA Newsroom.

Ep. 66: Death Row and the Back Row

Monday, April 20 2020

Bishop Richard Stika tells the story of the time St. John Paul II intervened in the life of a man on Missouri’s death row. Photographer and author Chris Arnade travels the US to share the stories and faces of ‘Back Row America’.

BONUS: Full conversation with Chris Arnade

Monday, April 20 2020

In this bonus episode, Catholic News Agency's Editor-in-chief JD Flynn interviews author and photographer Chris Arnade about his book "Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America." This is a companion piece to Ep. 66 of CNA Newsroom.

Ep: 65: Waiting for Conversion

Thursday, April 16 2020

JD Flynn talks with his mom about her conversion. The coronavirus pandemic delays the sacraments for people in RCIA this year.

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