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National Prayer for the 2015 Papal Visit to Paraguay

The Paraguayan Conference of Catholic Bishops posted on their website the prayer for Pope Francis’ visit which will take place in July. “The Paraguayan Conference of Catholic Bishops is awaiting the visit of our Holy Father Francis in July,” they stated.  The bishops encouraged the faithful to prepare themselves for this event that will be “the greatest religious celebration of this year in our country.” The bishops invited the Paraguayan people to pray every day in preparation for this visit an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and this prayer:

"Our Father and Lord, we thank you
Because your servant Pope Francis, the successor of the Apostle Peter
Will visit us as a messenger of the Gospel of joy and peace.
Thank you Lord, because the pope is coming
to confirm us in faith, hope and love.
May his presence encourage and guide us
to begin a new period of evangelization,
For a renewed Paraguay, more human and more Christian,
a defender and promoter of life in all its expressions,
where Justice, honesty, forgiveness, brotherhood, unity and peace,
the fruits of Love, may shine forth.
Send us your Holy Spirit so we may prepare ourselves
to receive the message of the Holy Father
and give witness to his teachings with a heart
that is open, believing and in solidarity with our neighbor.
Together with Pope Francis, protect and bless always your Church.
Look upon us with mercy during this time of his presence among us.
We pray especially for your divine favors
so that many people who are away from the faith
can experience the fullness of hope and joy;
that our brothers and sisters that live on the fringes of society
may receive the light of the Gospel
by encountering your Son, Jesus Christ,
the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Through the intercession of Mary Most Holy,
pour out, Oh Lord, the gift of Love on our country,
our families and on every one  of us, your sons and daughters,
by the Holy Spirit that we have received.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother, pray for us.
San Roque González de Santa Cruz and martyr companions, pray for us."

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