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For Vocations

Oh Mary of the “yes”
When the angel of the Lord,
Announced to you the good news,
you were prompt and enthusiastic,
in your determination.

With similar ardor,
and less swiftness,
your retreated to the mountains,
to offer assistance to Elizabeth,
your elder relative
who prodigiously conceived.

In Cana
again knowing the pain
of the prophesized sword
you encouraged your Son
to advance toward his “hour”
 with him you knew well,
that for this he had come,
to our human world.

Today, many are those,
receiving the call,
don’t listen,
Maybe they ignore,
that before being engendered,
God knew them
and consecrated them?
Maybe they don’t know
that God loves them,
and calls them
for their own good and happiness?
Maybe much pressure
doesn’t let them hear and answer?

Mother of free hearing,
of a generous and glad “yes”
of dedication to the divine plan,
foster generosity,
to those who listen,
but don’t answer,
help those don’t have silence,
for them to be discrete
and peaceful,
that they may, listen God’s call,
intercede for those
who are overwhelmed and paralyzed
from fear before the incomprehension they face.

That all those called
may open themselves
to the divine breath
that will strengthen them beyond all wish.

Intercede ceaselessly,
for those who are blessed,
 with the call from God,
assist their parents and families
for all to discover the greatness
of vocation to consecrated life and priesthood.
That we may all pray
for these vocations
for today the church
needs urgently, those of its members
to which God, from his love
has called to full availability
that your example
enlightens the ones he calls
they do need to hear,
freely determining themselves
and therefore progress on the path
that leads them
to a happy life.

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