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Holy Mary of Trust

How much have you prayed?
How many times have you asked,
while listening to the Lord Jesus Christ say:
“ask and you will receive,
knock and someone will open to you”?
Did, in your immaculate spirit,
an impulse to ask awaken?
Maybe because what you feared
did not happen?
Because the sword doesn’t trouble your heart?
That your beloved son will not
end his path on earth dying on the cross?

But mother,
you always knew,
that you only grant us
what is best for our lives
or for those for which we pray,
you always knew it!

For this reason,
you asked and did it intensely.
you were very much conscious,
that God could accomplish your demands.
Everything relies
on whether they were in harmony
for the greater good!
You always new!

You knew too,
that from here,
you don’t see the whole picture.

You knew well,
that our supplications,
are always answered to,
but frequently,
not as we liked to.

But mother of mine,
you know that
the answers we receive
are the wisest
for the common good
for our shortcomings
we don’t see.
But we certainly see the one,
which visions reaches
to the horizon of history.

Intercede maternally,
Oh Mary!
For me to ask
always humbly
and accept the answer
I receive
with open heart
trusting it is the best
although it could occur
in the moment
I may not understand it.

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