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Interceding Servant

Servant of the Lord,
today is a special day
in which our hearts
sing you love,
joyfully and enthusiastically
to the “May it be to me” you pronounced,
to your intercessions,
to your maternal care.

Today is a day,
to sing your worship,
to the Lord that chose you
to accomplish his plan.

Today is a day
of thanksgiving to God,
whose free election
made you immaculate.

Our grateful heart
remembers well
Bethlehem, Cana,
Jerusalem, Gethsemane,
the Golgotha,
and contemplates with wonder,
the mysteries
of our reconciliation.

Our mother,
that today you may repeat
the “may it be to me” of Nazareth,
give aid to the heart of Jesus
with your deep love,
with your will to be a servant,
and intercede for us.

With your maternal affection,
beg, pray, call, cry out to
the mercy of your son,
our beloved Jesus,
that behind his steps,
and yours
we might learn
to be docile servants,
that we always do,
what he tells us.
So be it.

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