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Ohio requires in-person administration of medical abortion

The governor of Ohio has signed a bill which requires physicians to be present during the administration of the first... Read more

US judge refuses to lift order allowing at-home medical abortions during pandemic

A federal judge on Wednesday refused to lift an order barring Food and Drug Administration requirements that the abortion pill... Read more

The Supreme Court of the United States.

US Supreme Court sends abortion pill case back to district court

The US Supreme Court on Thursday refused to reverse a lower court's order preventing the FDA from requiring in-person dispensation... Read more

NI health department warns of risks of unregulated at-home medical abortion

Northern Ireland's Department of Health told a Belfast daily on Friday that women who self-administer medical abortions at home are... Read more

Scottish bishop: Permission for wholly at-home medical abortion is ideological

The president of the Scottish bishops' conference wrote Friday to the Scottish health secretary, saying the permission for women to... Read more

Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster.

English bishop 'shocked' by permission for at-home medical abortions

The British government’s plans to allow women to have early abortions at home without medical supervision during the coronavirus crisis... Read more

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UK groups push for 'emergency contraception' expansion amid coronavirus outbreak

While the U.K. government has quickly backed away from rules allowing women to complete a medical abortion at home during... Read more

Calif. governor signs state college campus abortion pill mandate into law

California governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Friday a measure requiring public universities to provide free access to medical abortions... Read more

Clandestine medical abortions reportedly on the rise in the US

While the number of in-clinic abortions in the United States is reportedly down, the sale of illicitly acquired abortion pills... Read more

ND judge nixes law requiring doctors to inform women on abortion pill reversal

After a North Dakota judge nixed part of a new law requiring doctors to inform their patients about abortion pill... Read more

Calif. bishop: Be society's conscience in face of campus abortion pill mandate

At a Mass marking Sunday's conclusion of a novena for the defeat of a California bill that would require public... Read more

California bishops rally Catholics to stop college campus abortion pill mandate

Three California bishops are calling on local Catholics to pray and fight against a bill that would require state colleges... Read more

Scottish pro-lifers lose appeal of decision allowing self-administered abortion pills

A pro-life group in Scotland has, for a second time, lost a legal challenge against the government’s decision last year... Read more

Chemical abortions may be slowing the decline in US abortions

While the number of abortions procured in the US has steadily declined in recent decades, recent data indicate that this... Read more

The California capitol.

College campus abortion pill mandate reintroduced in California

A California Senate committee has passed a bill requiring student health clinics on college campuses to provide abortion pills.  Read more

Legal challenge to abortion law in Northern Ireland delayed

A legal challenge to the prosecution of a Northern Irish woman who allegedly procured abortifacient medication for her underage daughter... Read more

N Ireland court hears challenge to prosecution of woman over abortion pills

The High Court in Belfast began hearing a challenge Thursday to the decision to prosecute a woman who allegedly procured... Read more

As England allows abortion pills at home, what does this mean for NI women?

Coming into effect at the end of 2018, English women will be allowed to take abortion pills at home; but... Read more

The Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.

US Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Arkansas abortion pill law

The Supreme Court will not hear Planned Parenthood’s challenge to a 2015 law in Arkansas that requires doctors administering abortion... Read more

Critics warn against British movement advocating at-home abortion pills

A new effort in the UK has garnered the support of some of Britain’s maternity doctors who are recommending that... Read more