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A dewar with liquid nitrogen straws with frozen embryos and egg cells.

Embryonic IQ tests could ‘screen’ for less intelligent children, firm says

A company claims to have developed a new test that will permit parents to test and screen embryos for intelligence... Read more

Human embryos.

Embryo gene-editing poses inescapable ethical problems, critic says

Genetic editing of human embryos, even in special circumstances, ignores the complex ethical problems related to creating and destroying human... Read more


First human embryos edited in the USA. Here's why it's problematic.

Researchers in Oregon have announced that they have successfully altered genes in a human embryo for the first time in... Read more

Human Embryo, File Photo.

'Embryo jewelry' a sign we've taken the wrong path, IVF critic says

For one critic, a report that IVF-conceived embryos are being cremated and turned into jewelry for their mothers shows the... Read more

European Commission rejects pro-life citizens’ initiative

The European Commission has rejected the pro-life citizens’ initiative “One of Us,” which sought to ban E.U. funding for research... Read more

Embryonic Stem Cells.

Cloning shows science must dialogue with philosophy

The recent production of stem cells from cloned human embryos has prompted a researcher to consider the need for scientists... Read more

Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley of Boston speaks at a press conference for the 2012 USCCB Fall General Assembly.

Cardinal 'deeply' troubled by human cloning development

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley called the successful production of embryonic stem cells by cloning human embryos an “abuse” which ignores... Read more