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World Health Organization no longers consider transgenderism a disorder

On Monday, the World Health Organization reported it would no longer designate transgenderism as a mental health disorder in its... Read more

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster at a Vatican press conference, Oct. 14, 2015.

Don't let gender ideology confuse students, English cardinal urges

Criticizing ideological trends regarding gender identity, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has said that accepting that one’s biological sex is... Read more

Chilean legislators pass gender-identity bill

The Chilean House of Representatives has passed a bill that “recognizes and gives protection to gender identity,” an initiative considered... Read more

Bishops' letter on sexual identity prompts LGBT counter-lobbying

Several Catholic bishops’ call for clarity and compassion on sexual identity issues such as transgenderism drew the ire of a... Read more

The story behind sex change surgery you haven't heard

You've probably heard of Bruce Jenner.  Read more

'No science' behind transgender therapy for kids, doctors warn

Children who struggle to match their gender identity with their biological sex should not be pushed into transgender therapies, but... Read more

U.S. Marines.

Transgender military ban applauded for respecting biology, the common good

After President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that persons identifying as transgender could not serve in the U.S. military, theologians... Read more

The need for a Catholic ministry to transgendered persons

Walt Heyer remembers the moment when he started desiring to be a girl.  Read more

Illinois makes foster care workers support transgenderism

Earlier this month, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) issued new standards that require its employees and... Read more

Catholic hospital sued for denying sex reassignment surgery

A lawsuit has been filed against a Catholic hospital in California for refusing an elective hysterectomy to a female who... Read more

In North Carolina, more changes for disputed bathroom law

North Carolina has modified its law on gender identity and the use of bathrooms and locker rooms, after facing pressure... Read more

The Supreme Court.

Supreme Court sends transgender student case back to lower court

The Supreme Court will not hear the case of a transgender student’s demand to access public school single-sex bathrooms, instead... Read more

Bathroom sign.

Trump draws praise for withdrawing transgender bathroom regulation

On Wednesday night, the Trump administration withdrew an Obama-era guidance that had directed schools to allow students to use the... Read more

Trump drops Obama administration's transgender bathroom fight

President Donald Trump’s administration will stop fighting in court to implement the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom policy, leading to applause... Read more

Boy Scouts accepts gender identity as new standard for admission

Citing legal and community changes, the Boy Scouts of America have said self-declared gender identity now determines youth eligibility for... Read more

Federal judge overturns transgender surgery mandate

A federal judge has ruled against the Obama administration’s mandate that health professionals must carry out gender reassignment surgeries, even... Read more

US Supreme Court.

Supreme Court to hear school's transgender bathroom case

The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear a case on whether students identifying as transgender may be required... Read more

The danger of forcing doctors to perform gender transitions

A recent federal rule has come under fire for denying doctors the ability to exercise discretion in deciding whether to... Read more

Massachusetts law could forbid churches to preach on transgenderism

Four churches and their pastors are challenging a Massachusetts law which they say could regulate their speech regarding gender identity.... Read more


Could doctors be forced to perform sex reassignment surgeries?

Following the federal government stating that doctors cannot decline performing sex reassignment surgeries, a group of states, doctors, and hospitals... Read more