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catholics for choice - Latest News

Feb 22, 2021 - 03:07 pm .- The Archdiocese of Panama warned the country’s faithful that “Catholics for the Right to Decide” (CDD in Spanish), which is trying to establish a presence in the country, is actually a partner organization of Catholics for Choice, a U.S. organization that promotes abortion.
Nov 1, 2020 - 08:00 am .- A Brazilian court has ruled that “Catholics for the Right to Decide” must remove the term “Catholic” from its name, as the organization’s goals are incompatible with the values of the Catholic Church. The organization is an outgrowth of the U.S. based Catholics for Choice, which advocates for pro-abortion policies.
Nov 6, 2017 - 04:15 pm .- One wealthy activist is continuing to fund coordinated efforts to limit religious freedom and to foster dissent on abortion and LGBT issues within American Christianity and other religious groups.