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Would you bike 1,134 miles to see Pope Francis?
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Pope condemns 'absurd violence' after priest is killed in French church

Pope Francis has decried the “absurd violence” which has left an elderly priest dead after his church in northern France was taken hostage during Mass. In a statement released Tuesday by the Vatican, the Pope, having been informed of the...

CNA Blog - Priest killed by ISIS mourned on social media

The “JeSuis” hashtag (“I am” in French) has become a go-to hashtag when showing solidarity with victims of terrorist attacks. The trend started with #JeSuisCharlie, after Islamic...

The news is still good

The other evening I found myself cruising down one of the main drags through town, passing a swath of car dealerships on my drive through south Denver. The massive American flags that adorn their...

Can the Catholic Church die?

by Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

In the first three hundred years of Christianity, it was entirely possible for the fledgling Christian religion to be killed off, for it was this religion under constant threat of persecution. It...
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