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McVatican? McDonald's to open in Vatican property
McVatican? McDonald's to open in Vatican property
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Young priest killed by Nazis beatified
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The happiest day of Mother Teresa's life
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Christian girls who barely escaped ISIS credit Mary for their safety

Seven young women in Kirkuk credit the Virgin Mary for their safety after spending a harrowing eight hours hidden underneath beds while Islamic State group fighters used their room as a hideout during an assault on the city. “The Virgin Mary...

CNA Blog - Cosmo interviewed an exorcist. Yes really.

Your favorite teen magazine (just kidding just kidding just kidding) just published an interview with a real exorcist priest, and it’s actually a very interesting and thorough Q&A. Disclaimer: The...

Are you comfortable talking finances? {+ a giveaway with Bona Fide Finance}

A little over 6 months ago a sweet friend from grad school and a long time blog reader reached out to me with an offer. Her husband had started a financial advising business, and would I be...

Time to End the Death Penalty for the Innocent in the Womb and the Guilty in the Prison System

by Deacon Keith Fournier

On October 10, 2016, the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops released a letter entitled “Capital Punishment: The death penalty does not fulfill justice.” In this summary of Catholic teaching...
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