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Latest Catholic News
Mar 3, 2021 - 05:00 pm .- A Catholic charity launched a $1.8 million project helping Christian students on the eve of the historic papal visit to Iraq. 
Mar 3, 2021 - 04:00 pm .- Congressional Democrats called on President Joe Biden this week to remove pro-life protections from the 2022 federal budget.  
Mar 3, 2021 - 03:19 pm .- The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday reiterated the Vatican’s teaching on COVID-19 vaccines produced with the help of abortion-derived cell lines, after a vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson received FDA approval over the weekend.
Mar 3, 2021 - 02:00 pm .- Iraqi Christians and Muslims alike have expressed excitment for Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Iraq, an aid worker based in Erbil told CNA this week.
Mar 3, 2021 - 01:00 pm .- Pope Francis said on Wednesday that he was “delighted” to learn that a Muslim group had overseen the translation of his latest encyclical into Russian.
Mar 3, 2021 - 12:00 pm .- Pope Francis will offer Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on March 14 to mark 500 years of Catholic faith in the Philippines.
Mar 3, 2021 - 11:00 am .- An campaign finance bill under consideration in the House could present grave concerns for religious liberty, an opponent of the bill told CNA.  
Mar 3, 2021 - 10:00 am .-
Mar 3, 2021 - 08:30 am .- A leading German Catholic bishop has cautioned priests against intercommunion with Protestants during an ecumenical event in May. 
Mar 3, 2021 - 07:30 am .- The head of an independent commission said on Tuesday that there could be at least 10,000 victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in France since 1950.
Mar 3, 2021 - 06:15 am .- Christians in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains were able to rebuild a nursery school and other facilities destroyed by the Islamic State thanks to a custom Lamborghini auctioned off by Pope Francis. 
Mar 3, 2021 - 05:00 am .- Pope Francis’ prayer intention for the month of March is for a renewed experience of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Mar 3, 2021 - 04:00 am .- Pope Francis appealed on Wednesday for an end to “bloody clashes” and the release of political leaders in Burma.
Mar 2, 2021 - 06:41 pm .- The Canadian bishops’ conference announced Thursday that after a review of organizations that receive project funding from their international development agency, it will discontinue 24 partnerships over concerns about compatibility with Church teaching.
Mar 2, 2021 - 06:30 pm .- Begun in Peru in the 1600s, the tradition of reflecting on the last words of Christ from the cross is a Good Friday practice that has now spread across continents.
Mar 2, 2021 - 05:19 pm .- A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences— the nationwide body that votes for the Academy Awards— recently declined to watch a film that critiques abortion regulations, drawing public ire from a pro-choice filmmaker who created it.
Mar 2, 2021 - 04:00 pm .- Pro-life leaders responded to a recent straw poll of conservative activists where pro-life policies received the least number of votes for the activists’ most important issues. 
Mar 2, 2021 - 03:00 pm .- A leading Christian adoption agency will now work with same-sex couples looking to foster or adopt children, in a change of its nationwide policy reported on Monday.
Mar 2, 2021 - 02:33 pm .- In a statement Tuesday responding to media inquiries about US president Joe Biden’s stated devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the bishops of Mexico expressed hope that public office holders would be enlightened by her.
Mar 2, 2021 - 02:00 pm .- The White House on Tuesday would not reveal its position on doctors being forced to perform abortions and gender-transition surgeries under the Equality Act.