Wisconsin Governor vetoes bill, Opening door to unlimited Human Cloning.


Wisconsin Governor vetoes AB 499, a Ban on All Human Cloning, yesterday afternoon. Governor Doyle took his red pen to the measure just a short time ago, he says the bill “would criminalize some of the most promising stem cell research that could cure diseases.”

The bill would have prohibited reproductive cloning, or creating babies using existing human cells.Supporters say Wisconsin needs ethical guidelines for its research and scientists shouldn't be allowed to clone an embryo to harvest stem cells.

“With this action, Wisconsin will beckon to scientists that the welcome mat is rolled out for the pursuit of human cloning for any purpose in Wisconsin," stated Susan Armacost, Legislative Director for Wisconsin Right to Life.

"With no prohibition in place, scientists are free to pursue cloning of living human embryos which can be destroyed at the embryonic stage or developed in an artificial womb or uterus to a stage equivalent to the time of birth.

"The potential for fetal farming – mining human beings for organs and body parts – is alive and well in Wisconsin, thanks to Gov. Doyle’s impending veto of AB 499, a Ban on All Human Cloning."

The measure has been vigorously denounced by Wisconsin Right to Life, a group that strongly opposes the deliberate creation and destruction of a human life for scientific experimentation and is the lead organization promoting a ban on all human cloning in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Right to Life website has the most comprehensive information regarding human cloning anywhere in the state. Go to www.wrtl.org


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