Making a Difference

Recently I emailed questions to the auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Bishop William Shomali, asking him to share his... (Read more)
As the first Pope in history to write an encyclical letter on the environment, Pope Francis demonstrated to the Catholic Church and world, the... (Read more)

Saint Mother Teresa

By Tony Magliano

Allow me to share with you one of the highpoints of my life – a short, yet deeply enriching encounter with a saint. Nearly 30 years ago, I... (Read more)

Running for their lives

By Tony Magliano

Imagine, right now at this very moment you and your loved ones need to run for your lives!  With hardly more than the clothes on your backs,... (Read more)
At any moment, you could be within 30 minutes of being incinerated from nuclear weapons!  You are in harm’s way if you live in or near a large... (Read more)
During this month of political conventions, when America’s two major parties adopt platforms designed to further their particular goals, it’s... (Read more)
Over 37 years-ago when Annunciation House – a sanctuary and home of hospitality that has served over 100,000 refugees, homeless poor and... (Read more)
It’s the worst mass shooting in modern American history.  With at least 50 people murdered as a result of gunshot wounds, and dozens more... (Read more)

Disarming the world

By Tony Magliano

In the Garden of Gethsemane, as Jesus was prayerfully agonizing over his impending violent death, a large crowd with swords and clubs sent by the... (Read more)
The best way to remember those who have been killed in battle is to work for the day when others will no longer be sent to take their... (Read more)

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