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Pope Francis: Christ guarantees freedom, not success
Pope Francis: Christ guarantees freedom, not success
Alliance between families and God can change the world, Pope Francis says
Pope to parents: Teach your children how to pray
CNA Exclusive: Luke Spehar talks latest tour, artistic inspiration
Let yourself be transformed by the Eucharist
Pope condemns nuclear war on Hiroshima, Nagasaki anniversary
Pope: Divorce and remarriage contradicts the sacrament, but Church always reaches out
Pope: In Confession we encounter God's immense mercy
Enrique Shaw: the Argentine businessman whom Pope Francis may soon beatify
Pope Francis registers for World Youth Day 2016
Let Jesus satisfy your hunger for God, Pope urges in Angelus address
Jason Evert Interview: Is there a positive future between the Church and the LGBT community?
Jason Evert Interview: Can transgender people find happiness in the Church?
Jason Evert Interview: What role does prayer play for those who identify as transgender?
Jason Evert Interview: Effectively reaching out to individuals who identify as transgender
Jason Evert Interview: How can Catholics avoid unjust discrimination?
Jason Evert Interview: The consequences that come with accepting and promoting transgenderism
Jason Evert Interview: What trends are you seeing in society related to transgenderism?
Jason Evert Interview: Why does our culture allow for the mutilation of one's body?
Jason Evert Interview: What is transgenderism?

CNA Blog - Synod speeches can now be made public – here’s what you need to know

Yesterday, the director of the Holy See press office announced that bishops can make their interventions at the Synod on the Family public. Wait…what’s the Synod on the Family again? It’s a...

America After Francis: 8 Ways to Keep the Francis Effect Going {guest post}

Ever heard of being a hobo for Christ? I’m pretty sure St. Francis popularized it about 800 years ago, but maybe it feels fresh again because his namesake is on the Chair? At any rate, I’ve been...

'Sicario' explores moral dilemmas against action-packed backdrop

by Carl Kozlowski

When faced with pure evil, how far can one go in the pursuit of justice and revenge? That is the fascinating question at the heart of the drug-war thriller “Sicario,” which puts audiences smack...
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