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Archive of November 7, 2003

Europe cannot conceal its Christian roots, Pope says

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- Addressing 200 participants of a seminar organized by the Robert Schuman Foundation, Pope John Paul called Europeans not only to remember, but also to cherish their Christian roots. Speaking first on Robert Shuman, the post-war French Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Pope noted he spent his “political life in the service of the fundamental values of freedom and solidarity, understood fully in the light of the Gospel.”

Europe can’t forget the history of Martyrdom behind its history, the Pope says

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- On the occasion of the eighth public session of the Pontifical Academies, which took place yesterday at the Vatican, Pope John Paul sent a message to Cardinal Paul Poupard, president of the Coordinating Council for the Pontifical Academies, warning that Europe can loose its sense of humanity if it looses the memory of the martyrs.

Catholic Health Association Applauds Bush For Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- The Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) is applauding President George W. Bush for signing the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 into law.

Canadian bishops to soldier on in same-sex marriage debate despite government push for law

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- While most Canadian citizens and politicians have settled into the idea that the legalization of same-sex marriage is only a matter of time, Canada’s bishops are holding fast and saying that the battle to retain the traditional definition of marriage in Canada is not over yet.

Cuban reform leader demands respect for rights on the island

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- Oswaldo Payá, leader of the Varela Project, which seeks a referendum to bring about democratic changes in Cuba, announced his support this week for the United Nations’ condemnation of the U.S.-led embargo against Cuba, but called on the organization to be just as “intense” in its demand for the release of political prisoners and for respect for human rights on the island.

Second priest murdered in less than 24 hours in Columbia

Nov 7, 2003 - 12:00 am .- Father Henry López of the city of Villavicencio became the second priest to be murdered in less than 24 hours in Columbia. A parish employee found the priest’s body, which was tied up and decapitated, in the parish rectory.