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Archive of October 22, 2004

Davenport may be third U.S. diocese to file for bankruptcy protection in recent months

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The Diocese of Davenport may file for bankruptcy protection today if it does not win a four-month delay in a child sexual-abuse lawsuit, set to begin Nov. 1.

Latest Anglican report unlikely to bring healing, says Christian journalist

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- A contributing editor of Christianity Today says the Anglican Church’s recent Windsor Report will be painful for many conservative Anglicans and will not likely bring reconciliation, reported AgapePress.

Second Utah city within five months wins Ten Commandments monument fight

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- A ruling released Oct. 20 states that Duchesne City, Utah, acted constitutionally when it sold land on which a Ten Commandments monument sits to keep from having to remove it.

Supreme Court reverses ruling that legalized anacephaly abortion in Brazil

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- In an expected move, the Supreme Court of Brazil reversed a ruling by one of its judges in July that granted provisional legalization of anacephaly abortion.

Bishops call on Fox to ensure Mexico votes against human cloning at UN

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The Bishops Conference of Mexico issued a statement this week addressed to President Vicente Fox, calling on the leader to assume responsibility for defending life and to vote against all forms of human cloning at the UN.

France begins expelling students who wear head scarves

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- French schools have begun expelling Muslim girls for wearing headscarves to class in defiance of a new law banning religious symbols.

Venezuelan bishops encourage participation in regional elections

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- With regional and municipal elections just two weeks away, the Bishops Conference of Venezuela issued a statement exhorting the populace to actively participate in the process and calling on authorities to provide appropriate guarantees.

Abortion is a human rights issue, not only religious, says Archbishop

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, in an op-ed piece published in today’s New York Times, blasted the notion that moral and religious positions should be kept out of the public square, and emphatically affirmed that the right to life is a fundamental human right, regardless of religious teaching, and that silence and neutrality in the face of abortion “are evils almost as  grave as abortion itself.”

Chaste love defends the family against attack and fights AIDS, says Pope

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Pope John Paul II, in an address to bishops from Angola and Sao Tome this morning – the 26th anniversary of the beginning of his papal ministry – spoke about the need to work for justice and reconciliation and urged the education of chastity and chaste love as the “solid hope to overcome the forces that threaten the institution of the family, and at the same time, to free humanity of the devastating scourge of AIDS."

Catholics, as voters or elected officials, must defend human person, bishop Wenski says

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- In a homily during the Closing Mass of the Catholic Leadership Conference held in Philadelphia yesterday, Bishop Thomas Wenski of Orlando said that Catholics, either as voters or elected officials must be uncompromising in their defense of the dignity of the human person.

West Virginia Bishop: abortion is 'Greatest Evil of Our Age'

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- In the light of statistics that indicate that “Catholics are no different than the general population in their opinion on abortion or in their voting behavior,” Archbishop Bernard W. Schmitt, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston has issued a letter to his diocese reiterating Church teaching that “abortion is the greatest moral evil of our age.”

Vatican says 'No' to cloning at UN assembly

Oct 22, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The Vatican has backed a treaty that completely bans human cloning as United Nations members began two days of debate on the issue yesterday.