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Archive of October 12, 2007

HLI President predicts financial martyrdom for believers

Oct 12, 2007 - 04:35 pm .- Father Thomas J. Euteneur, president of Human Life International, said Christian martyrdom will take on different forms in the future.  Writing in a letter titled "Green Martyrdom," he suggested that Christian witness will not be a "red martyrdom" of blood but rather a "green martyrdom" of monetary sacrifice required by principled living.

Political expert examines the Catholic Vote for 2008

Oct 12, 2007 - 02:27 pm .- If the United States presidential race comes down to candidates Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, the Catholic vote will swing to Clinton. That's the claim of Steve Wagner, a chief political strategist who helped George W. Bush win the majority of Catholics' votes in the 2000 and 2004 elections. He has argued that appealing to Mass-going Catholics is a key factor in a presidential candidate's electoral success.  Deal W. Hudson, of, interviewed Wagner on the prospects of a Giuliani-Clinton match-up and the probable behavior of Catholic voters.  According to Hudson's report, Wagner believes Giuliani's candidacy will be hampered by the contradictions between his professed faith and his pro-choice stand:  "Kerry was punished for being a pro-abortion Catholic. Giuliani is wise not to talk about being a Catholic, or he will suffer the same fate."

Russian Orthodox walk out of ecumenical talks

Oct 12, 2007 - 12:43 pm .- The delegation of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow has walked out of a joint session of Catholic and Orthodox theologians over internal disagreements in the Orthodox community.

Bishop Zubik to Speak at 2007 Pennsylvania Pro-Life Conference

Oct 12, 2007 - 12:35 pm .- Most Rev. David A. Zubik, bishop of Pittsburgh, will deliver opening remarks and the invocation at the Celebrate Life Banquet November 3rd at the Radisson Hotel Pittsburgh Green Tree.

World Meeting of Families to be held in Mexico City, Pope writes letter

Oct 12, 2007 - 11:20 am .- The Holy Father has written a letter to Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, for the occasion of the designation of the archdiocese of Mexico as the location of the 6th World Meeting of Families, which is due to take place from January 16 to 18, 2009. Pope Benedict gave the cardinal his insight into the theme of the gathering: "The family, educator in human and Christian values."

Venezuelan cardinal in serious condition, but doctors hopeful for recovery

Oct 12, 2007 - 11:18 am .- Doctor Juan Baltar, who is the physician for Venezuelan Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara, said this week the cardinal is in “delicate” health and “critical condition” but that despite suffering from a serious illness “we still are hopeful he can improve.”

Bishops ask Bolivian president not to imitate the Chavez government

Oct 12, 2007 - 11:13 am .- The vice president and the general secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia, Bishop Edmundo Abastoflor and Bishop Jesus Juarez, have asked President Evo Morales not to follow in the steps of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela because that would not lead to authentic development in Bolivia.

Website launched in memory of slain priest in Iraq

Oct 12, 2007 - 11:03 am .- Father Rayan Atto, pastor of the Chaldean Catholic parish of Mar Qardagh in Erbil, announced this week a new website has been launched in memory of Father Ragheed Ganni, a Chaldean priest who, together with three deacons, was brutally killed in Iraq last June together by Muslim extremists.

Dominican cardinal receives guarantees that abortion will not be legalized

Oct 12, 2007 - 10:58 am .- Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo announced this week he has received guarantees from lawmakers that abortion will not be legalized in the country.

Communion for pro-abortion politicians shouldn’t be refused, says Cardinal McCarrick

Oct 12, 2007 - 10:28 am .- Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the retired archbishop of Washington D.C. has recommended that the Catholic Church forcefully preach the pro-life message to presidential candidates rather than following Archbishop Burke’s suggestion of denying them Communion.

Muslim leaders write to Pope, Cardinal Tauran calls letter a “very encouraging sign”

Oct 12, 2007 - 10:02 am .- More than 130 Muslim leaders, politicians, and scholars have addressed a letter to Pope Benedict XVI in an attempt to improve Christian-Muslim relations, BBC News reports.The letter, titled "A Common Word Between Us and You," seeks to build on common ground shared between the two faiths.  It compares texts from the Bible and the Koran to argue that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  Both believe in "the primacy of total love and devotion to God," and both value love of neighbor and a peaceful world.  

College's Catholic status threatened for hosting pro-abortion groups at conference

Oct 12, 2007 - 09:27 am .- Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts has condemned the decision by the Jesuit-run College of the Holy Cross to rent meeting space to a conference that includes Planned Parenthood and NARAL workshops.  He has asked the college president, Father Michael C. McFarland, to cancel the event's reservations. The president's refusal could endanger the college's official Catholic standing.

Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute produces bogus abortion statistics

Oct 12, 2007 - 09:26 am .- Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute has attacked the global abortion estimates of the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute as "simply bogus."

Archbishop Niederauer apologizes for giving Communion to “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” at San Francisco Parish

Oct 12, 2007 - 09:15 am .- In a column to appear on Sunday, October 19 on "Catholic San Francisco," Archbishop George H. Niederauer apologizes for giving communion to two members of the militant anti-Catholic homosexual group "Sister of Perpetual Indulgence".The Archbishop of San Francisco says in his column that "a recent event that greatly concerns me needs some additional explanation -- and with it an apology."