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Nuncio to U.N. calls for ‘ethical approach’ to economic crisis

Jun 29, 2009 - 11:35 pm .- In his remarks at a U.N. economic meeting on Friday, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the head of the Holy See’s permanent observer mission to the United Nations, asked that the poorest countries be given priority at this time of economic crisis. He endorsed the adoption of an “ethical approach” by those active in international markets and those in political office.

Catholic environmental group announces upcoming conference

Jun 29, 2009 - 08:07 pm .- This summer, the Catholic environmental organization, Creatio, will host a conference on environmental issues, seeking to examine the balance between man and nature from a faith-based perspective and then respond to the issues being faced around the world.

Church fosters vote because she desires good of democracy, says Mexican bishop

Jun 29, 2009 - 06:11 pm .- Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez of Tehuacan, Mexico said last week the Church encourages citizens to exercise their right to vote not because of any interest in power, but because she desires the growth of democracy, as it is the path for development in Mexico.

Midwest students take mission trip to NYC

Jun 29, 2009 - 05:53 pm .- Twelve high school and college students from southeastern Nebraska traveled to New York City early this month to spend a week doing mission work with the city’s different religious orders.

Test ‘seems to confirm’ bone fragments are St. Paul’s, Pope Benedict says

Jun 29, 2009 - 05:42 pm .- Speaking at a service to mark the end of the Pauline year, Pope Benedict has announced that scientific tests apparently confirm a sarcophagus long believed to be the tomb of St. Paul contains remains dating from the first or second century.

Most Spaniards still marry, but divorce on the rise

Jun 29, 2009 - 03:27 pm .- The Vice President of the Institute for Family Policy, Mariano Martinez-Aedo, said marriage continues to be the civil state of the majority of Spaniards, but that fast-track divorce and low wages have caused the percentage of marriages drop from 62.3% to 57% during the last 20 years.

Faithful to honor life of St. Thomas

Jun 29, 2009 - 03:05 pm .- On Friday, the Church will celebrate the feast day of St. Thomas the apostle. Best known for his initial unwillingness to believe the other apostles in their claim that Jesus had risen from the dead, St. Thomas can teach the faithful about believing without seeing.

Holy See to decide future of Uruguayan bishop accused of sexual misconduct

Jun 29, 2009 - 02:43 pm .- Church leaders in Uruguay are awaiting a decision from the Holy See on how to proceed with the case of Bishop Francisco Barbosa da Silveira of Minas, who has been accused by clergy in his diocese of sexual misconduct.

No room for pedophiles in priestly ministry, says Cardinal Hummes

Jun 29, 2009 - 12:55 pm .- The prefect for the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Claudio Hummes, said last week pedophilia is a “terrible crime” that affects only a small percentage of priests, adding that “there is no room in the priestly ministry for people who have committed these crimes.”

Praise for aid program run by Christian Life Movement in Ecuador

Jun 29, 2009 - 11:09 am .- After only seven years since its inception, the aid program, “Bread for my Brother,” operated by the Christian Life Movement in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has received numerous recognitions by ecclesial and private entities, and this past weekend the organization was visited by the founder of the Sodalite Family, Luis Fernando Figari.

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