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Priests play soccer game for peace between Colombia and Venezuela

Nov 13, 2009 - 09:53 pm .- Following threats of war by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez against Colombia, the diocesan newspaper in Cucuta, Colombia reported this week on a soccer game for peace, which Colombian and Venezuelan priests will play at a field on the border between the two countries.

Bishops of Europe getting pointers on internet from international experts

Nov 13, 2009 - 08:42 pm .- Members of the European Bishops’ Committee on the Media began their plenary assembly on Thursday at the Vatican, during which they will meet with representatives of Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and a young Swiss expert in order to learn more about the internet and how to use the new technologies.

Seminar to be held on responsibilities of Catholic universities

Nov 13, 2009 - 05:28 pm .- The Vatican announced today that the Pontifical Gregorian University will host an upcoming event to discuss the responsibilities of Catholic universities.

Young Muslim writer defends crucifixes in Italy

Nov 13, 2009 - 02:37 pm .- A young Muslim writer named Randa Ghazy has written an article entitled, “I, a Muslim, Defend the Crucifix,” in which she expresses her opposition to a ruling by the EU Human Rights Court that ordered all crucifixes be taken down in classrooms across Italy.  The article will appear in the December edition of the magazine Mondo e Missione, a publication of the Pontifical Institute Missioni Estere.

Pope approves new archbishop for beleaguered Archdiocese of Mosul

Nov 13, 2009 - 01:44 pm .- Catholics in the war-torn Archdiocese of Mosul, Iraq received good news on Friday when Pope Benedict approved Fr. Emil Shimoun Nona as the new Archbishop of Mosul. The archbishop-elect will replace Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, who was kidnapped by militants last February and found dead two weeks later.

Priest donates own ‘holy kidney’ to ailing parishioner

Nov 13, 2009 - 11:32 am .- A Texas woman in need of a kidney has received one from her parish priest. She has called the donation a “holy kidney,” while he says the gift of his kidney is an attempt to follow Christ’s life-giving example.

Breast cancer-abortion link highlighted by Chinese study

Nov 13, 2009 - 07:31 am .- Chinese researchers claim to have found a 17 percent increased breast cancer risk among women who have had induced abortions.

Local regulations targeting pro-life pregnancy centers suggest new strategy

Nov 13, 2009 - 06:02 am .- Critics have accused proposed municipal and county legislation in Maryland of singling out pro-life pregnancy resource centers with regulations critics say are intended to harass and discredit the charities. The laws could be part of a new strategy that uses local lawmakers, rather than state or national legislators.

Legal group pledges to defend pro-Question 1 churches targeted by ‘frivolous’ IRS complaints

Nov 13, 2009 - 03:09 am .- Opponents of Question 1, the Maine ballot initiative which vetoed the state legislature’s recognition of same-sex “marriages,” are encouraging their supporters to file IRS complaints against churches. In response, the Alliance Defense Fund has attacked such suits as “frivolous” and offered its help to targeted churches.

John Paul II film festival holds inaugural awards ceremony

Nov 13, 2009 - 12:09 am .- Self-described as “a home to filmmakers who have chosen to use this medium to express and share a message of hope, struggle, triumph and Love to the world,” the John Paul II International Film Festival held its first awards ceremony on Saturday night, in Florida.

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