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Archive of June 6, 2010

In new video, Andrea Bocelli praises mother’s choice not to abort him

Jun 6, 2010 - 06:35 pm .- Italian singer Andrea Bocelli has told the story of his mother’s pregnancy, during which doctors suggested that she abort him because he would be born with a disability. In a new video he praises his mother for making “the right choice,” saying other mothers should take encouragement from the story.

Benedict XVI calls for continued path to reconciliation in Cyprus

Jun 6, 2010 - 04:14 pm .- Concluding his Apostolic Journey to the island of Cyprus on Sunday afternoon, the Holy Father expressed his hope for the peace and reconciliation of the people of the island.

Pope recalls confident hope of the Virgin Mary

Jun 6, 2010 - 03:31 pm .- Prior to reciting the Angelus today in Nicosia, Cyprus, the Holy Father spoke of the confident hope of Mary that God “will never abandon us.”

Holy Father: Bishop Padovese's death a sobering reminder of Christian vocation

Jun 6, 2010 - 03:07 pm .- The Holy Father remembered murdered president of the Turkish Bishops' Conference, Bishop Luigi Padovese, before consigning the Instrumentum Laboris on Sunday.

Communion paves the way for evangelization, says Pope to Maronites

Jun 6, 2010 - 02:26 pm .- Pope Benedict visited the Maronite Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Graces in Nicosia before leaving the country on Sunday afternoon. He called Maronites to be proud of their traditions while remaining tied into the Universal Church.

Catholic businessman battles ALS, prepares for eternity

Jun 6, 2010 - 01:19 pm .- Three years ago, Shane FitzMaurice was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The rare neurological disorder is typically fatal within five years of diagnosis.

Instrumentum laboris: Christians belong to Middle East

Jun 6, 2010 - 11:08 am .- The Instrumentum laboris, consigned to participants in October's Special Assembly for the Middle East by Pope Benedict XVI, addresses concerns of a decrease in Christian presence in the region, the "vital" nature of Muslim-Christian relations and the need to maintain cohesion between the Churches of the Middle East.

Special assembly chance for Universal Church to support Middle Eastern Christians, says Benedict XVI

Jun 6, 2010 - 10:02 am .- At last, the Instrumentum laboris for October's Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops has been published and delivered to participating patriarchs and bishops. Before handing the document to participants, the Pontiff explained his hope that the assembly would bring international attention to the difficult situation for Christians in the Middle East.

We are called be of one heart and soul, teaches Pope Benedict

Jun 6, 2010 - 09:06 am .- During Mass on the final day of his Apostolic Journey to Cyprus, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the lessons of the feast of Corpus Christi and prayed for the unifying action of the Holy Spirit for deepened communion among members of the Church.

‘Sophisticated marketing’ hides eugenics background of the Pill, writer says

Jun 6, 2010 - 08:02 am .- Present opinion of the birth control pill has been formed by a “sophisticated marketing campaign” which hides the Pill’s dependency on abortion and its connections with the eugenics movement, one pro-life writer says.

Holy Father and Muslim leader meet, promise to pray for each other

Jun 6, 2010 - 07:10 am .- On Saturday afternoon in Nicosia, Benedict XVI met with Sheikh Mehmet Nazim Adil Al-Haquani, an 89-year-old Cypriot Muslim leader active in inter-religious dialogue.

Faithful to remember life of St. Margaret of Scotland

Jun 6, 2010 - 04:51 am .- On Thursday, June 10, the Church will celebrate the feast day of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland.