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Archive of November 26, 2016

What are human-animal chimeras, and why are they problematic?

Nov 26, 2016 - 04:40 pm .- After the National Institutes of Health proposed federal funding of projects to possibly create a human-animal hybrid, Catholic ethicists voiced serious moral and legal concerns.

Is Latin the best language for exorcisms?

Nov 26, 2016 - 05:02 am .- With the September debut of the new T.V. series The Exorcist, based on the horror film series of the same name from the 1970s, another wave of fascination with the supernatural has also surfaced.

UPDATED: Fidel Castro, communist leader who met three Popes, dies at 90

Nov 26, 2016 - 03:30 am .- After hearing of the death of Fidel Castro, former president and leader communist revolution in Cuba, late Friday evening, Pope Francis sent a telegram offering his prayers for the deceased and the entire nation.